June Goals

June’s officially the start of the summer for me and I have
so much planned. Not only am I upping my blogging game, but I also want to
improve my own personality and grow stronger friendships.


Get back my blogging groove – I used to post six times a
week, which I now know is way too many times for my busy brain to handle, but
the chaos was kind of fun and I’d like to publish more photography online.


Meet more bloggers – I haven’t met many bloggers in real
life, and although I have mutual followers and so forth online, it would be
lovely to really establish friendships with more in this wonderful community
and get to know the people behind the URLs.


Update my CV – I currently work part-time for my mama’s
charity, but my CV hasn’t been touched for about two years. Granted, I’m not
looking for a job, but the media kit for my blog is always updated; I guess my
CV should be too!


See my family – My extended family members literally live
twenty minutes away and I barely see them. This results in broken relationships
which isn’t healthy in the long run. I have quite a few cousins, and we should
all be a lot closer!


More girls’ nights – For the first time in a long time, I
have friends that I enjoy being around. There’s no cliques and there’s no drama
– just how I like it. I love when we have our girly nights in and we need waaaaaaaay more.


Bond with my mum and sister – My mum, sister and I have one
of the most hilariously interesting relationships I’ve ever known. We’re a peculiar
bunch and could be yelling at each other one minute and howling with laughter
the next… I want more of that.


Gym, gym and gym – I haven’t hit the gym in a while and it’s
just because I’m lazy. I sort of gave up on the health kick I was on, and I’d
love to hop back on that train. Being in the peak of physical health is the


Prep my meals – One of the major things that lets me down is
the food I eat. I hate cooking with a burning passion and will do quite a few
things to avoid it, like buy Pot Noodles when they’re on offer. If I prepare my
meals in advance, I’m sure it’ll help.


Take a yoga class – I’ve always been intrigued by yoga, and
I love how it’s so beneficial and challenging for the body. It seems like one
of those exercises that you will start to look forward to, rather than dread.


Late summer nights – Summer means more daylight and a higher
temperature, that means campfires, woodland adventures and so much more. I can’t
wait to get started, 2017 will be the best summer yet!

Take a holiday – I haven’t got anything booked yet, but
taking a spontaneous trip to a country I’ve never been to sounds like the
dream. Just something care-free and fun is sure to lift my spirits and help me
enjoy the year with my friends.

Vlog – I already have one little travel diary from London
sitting in my “Videos” folder, ready to upload to YouTube, but I don’t know if
I’m ready. I think the more I vlog, the more comfortable and confident I will
become with my skills.


Attain more freelance jobs – I really enjoy doing the odd job
here and there, it’s such a fun change to my regular routine and helps me build
experience in the real world. I’d love to do more, whether it’s photography or
a sponsored post on my blog.

Buy a MacBook – Don’t get me wrong, I adore Windows, but
Windows doesn’t come with some of the software I need. MacBooks are the key to
upping my blogging and vlogging game and I think buying one would help me a lot…
I just need some money…

Buy a camera – At the moment, my iPhone 7 does the perfect
job of taking snaps when my DSLR is deemed too heavy, but I’d love to purchase
something in the middle. I’ve had my eye on the Canon G7x Mark ii, maybe June
is the month I buy it.


Be positive – One of the reasons I took a break from
blogging is because I no longer saw it in a positive light. That’s got to
change. There may be some bloggers who believe there’s no room for anyone else
to shine or that the market is saturated… who needs that kind of negativity?

Journal daily – I have a journal specifically for
making note of when my anxiety gets the best of me or when I struggle to
control my emotions. I definitely to write down how I feel a lot more, as
storing it all in my brain just isn’t healthy.

Start saving – Not just to have money, but for my future. I
have a very ambitious mind set and have already decided my next car will be a
Mercedes. If I want to buy one, I need cash. Saving money from blogging and my
pay-check is definitely a June goal.

What are you goals for this month?