Ten Thoughts for Thursday

#1 You are not alone

It’s always good to remember there are other people in this
boat with you. I often put myself in my own little bubble, and it’s not the
best way to deal with things. You’re never alone!

#2 There’s room for improvement

I always like to think there’s a chance for something to get
better. There’s growing space in most situations, so it’s time to notice that
space and use it.

#3 It’s not the end of the world

Although it may certainly feel like it. It’s difficult to
find comfort in the mess of today’s world, but it certainly isn’t the end.

#4 Smile back

There’s something really special about smiling back when you
make eye contact with someone. In Yorkshire it’s a normal thing, but I think
the whole world should do it.

#5 Just do it

Quoting one of the biggest brands, but one of the best
sayings. That thing you’ve been avoiding all week – get it over with.

#6 Do what brings you joy

I hate anything that feels like a chore as much as the next
person, which is why it’s vital to save some time for the joyful things in

#7 Watch some cartoons

I’m a big girl but SpongeBob will always make me smile. It’s
an odd fact, but I know I’m not the only. Throw on an animated series and have
a laugh.

#8 Forget the past

What’s done is done. Just take the lesson, accept the
principle and move on. You only ever move the direction you’re facing, so turn

#9 Value everything

Sometimes it takes a shock in life for us to focus on what’s
really special in life. Why not just value those things, or people, while they’re

And finally, #10 Pizza is awesome


Unless you seriously hate pizza, pizza is the best. I had a Domino’s this week, and it brought me so much joy I just had to add it to today’s post.