5 Ways to Stay Healthy This Summer

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The summer is upon us and it is the perfect time
to get outdoors and have fun. Already on Anika May we set out 5
achievable summer goals that we believed would make the summer that bit
more special. In this post we look at 5 ways to stay healthy this summer.

Avoid Sunburn

Sunburn is one way to really put a dampener on
your summer holidays and day-to-day activities. Vitamin D is very good for you
but too much sunlight and you could end up spending a lot of the summer
indoors. Studies show that sunburn increases the chances of certain skin
cancers. The easiest way to avoid sunburn is to make sure you apply plenty of
sunscreen throughout the day. This way you will get all the benefits of being
outdoors without having to worry about the sun.

Eat Healthy

Make the summer the start of your healthy eating
diet. The summer months will be full of food markets and you can use these as
an excuse to try new and exciting foods. The summer days are also perfect for
outdoor cooking along with salads and other healthy dishes. If you need any
inspiration Good
House Keeping made a list of over 60 summer dishes
. Make this summer the
one where you change your diet.


Make Plans With Friends

Long summer days are perfect to spend with
friends at the beach, parks or even at the local pub. Sometimes it can feel
that our lives are too busy to make plans and we can end up isolating
ourselves. Use the summer as an excuse to spend some quality time with your
pals. Activities like camping are a perfect way to take advantage of the warm
weather and the great outdoors.

Take Up a New Sport

Why not use the summer to try a new sport.
Getting the motivation to exercise can be challenging and sometimes you need a
fresh start. The clear weather is great for playing outdoor sports with your
friends and family. If you’re feeling really adventurous you may want to head
to the beach and try a water sport like surfing or body boarding. Nothing says
summer like surf culture and to get you in the mood you could watch a film like
Blue Crush. Surf culture is an
important part of pop culture with different types of media using it to enhance
the summer feel. One notable company is digital gaming platform Spin Genie who
promote the lifestyle through their Wild Water slots game. Be
sure to try something adventurous and make your summer is truly something to


Visit a New Place

Don’t stay at home during the summer. Use the
free days to visit somewhere new. This could be a new country or even a new
part of the UK. For example, The
Guardian ran a list of the six best festivals
on the UK coast this summer.
Why not take the leap and visit a new place with your friends or family. Not
only will it give you something to do but it will get you outdoors. If you need
any more encouragement, Positive
Health Wellness made a list of 8 reasons why travelling is good for your health

We hope this list has encouraged you to have a
healthy summer. The most important part of any summer season is that you stay

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