How to Motivate Yourself to Work Hard


Happy Wednesday. It’s officially hump day, I’m back in the office and I’m feeling inspirational. However, procrastination is a condition many of us have to live with. It’s now become a way of life for many, including myself occasionally; and this means it’s rather difficult to become motivated when work or effort is involved. Well, here’s a few tips on getting in the zone. Enjoy!

Get a boss playlist

I used to work in an office building, and literally got to the point where I had to force myself to go inside because I hated it. However, one thing that convinced me to take that dreadful steps, was a killer playlist. Anything with a girl-boss or girl-power vibes makes me want to cheer and reach for the stars. Sounds nuts, but it’s true. Whenever I had to go into work, BO$$ by Fifth Harmony was straight on. If you have headphones, or drive to work, throw on an epic playlist to get you in the right mood.

Make some friends    

Aren’t friends just the best? Having friends is awesome. Friends encourage healthy competition, the kind that makes you want to put in that extra effort, and so you can be successful in your own eyes. I really love the idea of working with friends too. Whether it is friends in the blogging community, or an office buddy – I really believe having at least one person to talk to gives you to motivation to work harder and get any job done.

Make a game out of it

I’m mad childish. That fact is made very obvious by my tweets. Whenever I come to a task that I know I’m going to struggle with (because I don’t want to do it), I made a game out of it. And this could be anything, from timing myself to awarding treats in the form of gummy bears after each major stage. I’m pretty sure this is the type of method that trainers use with dogs – but it’s effective for all living beings!

Have a great lunch

When in the office, it’s nice to have something to look forward to. I love food. Food is good. Therefore, I look forward to a time when I can consume food. If you have the time, pack yourself an amazing lunch that you know you’ll love. Then you’ll naturally want to work towards it. The harder you work; the faster time goes and the closer you get to that all important lunch time! Then do the same for going home 😉

Think of the benefits

Working hard means playing harder. I have that on basically every notebook I own. And it’s true. There are so many benefits to completing a task, from the feeling of fulfilment to the opportunities that will arise. For secular work, many want to impress a boss or supervisor because it reflects well on them. I’m the same. When it comes to blogging, the benefits are endless and always satisfying. It could be reaching a goal or connecting with someone new! When you narrow down on the benefits,

Focus on the money

Being materialistic isn’t the way forward, but if an aspect of that attitude is motivation… run with it. I like money as much as the next person, and whenever there’s money involved, I often find people are much more willing to do something. Pretty much everyone in the office I used to work in basically cheered once pay rolled around, and I was the same. It also applies to blogging full-time! Sponsored posts and collaborations are very exciting, and there’s something really rewarding about being able to earn money doing something you love.


Have a wonderful day! 

Anika xo