The 10 Best Things About Quitting My Job

I quit my job well over a year ago, and I haven’t felt happier. Honestly, living a simpler life has done wonders for me. Sure, less money isn’t great, but a heavy heart isn’t something I want to live with forever. So, to lighten my mood (and hopefully yours), I’ve worked out ten amazing things, about quitting my job.

01. I’m way happier
The ultimate reason I quit my job, is because I was unhappy. Happiness just comes first for me, usually no matter what the circumstances. I have experiences sacrificing my happiness, and all it did was decrease my will to live. Feeling down does absolutely nothing for the soul, and now that I’m feeling free, I’m feeling brighter. Huge bonus!

02. I get to blog more often
While working, I really struggled to keep up my blog. Sure, I managed to write posts on trains and on my lunch, but it was like working two jobs at once and it was just too much. Right now, I work a flexible job and work part-time, so my brain can handle my schedule and so can my readers. I love being able to sit and home and just write!

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03. No more overtime
As much as the extra money was awesome (despite tax), working overtime was just the worst thing about my old job. The dread in my mind, anytime my evil boss would say “can you work extra hours this evening?” or “can you come in this Saturday?” was just the suckiest thing. Yeah, suckiest. I really hated having to work when I didn’t want to, and it turned every task into a chore.

04. No more demon boss
One of the worst things about my old job was my manager. When I tell you this woman was evil, she would literally try to make me work from 7am to 7pm, and refused me holidays until November. She encouraged the team to make me feel like an outcast, all because I didn’t suck up to her like she was the greatest human to walk the Earth. I’m so glad to be rid of her.

05. No more work parties
For some people, this is the highlight of the year but for me it was the worst thing ever. I knew I wasn’t going to be at my job for very long, so I didn’t want to be too close to anyone anyway. But, my team was very… sloppy. I worked in the centre of Leeds which meant we were surrounded by the worst clubs – not really my scene.

fashion, summer, style, pinterest, anika may, ootd06. Goodbye commute
I hated the commute to work. I’m sure many people do. It got to the point of people basically having assigned seating on my train because it was the same people, in the same carriage, on the same train, to the same destination, at the same time, five days a week. It was comfortable having such a realistic routine, but dull because I didn’t enjoy it. Good riddance!

07. The occasional lie-in
Naturally, I wake up at around 7am because I like to get the day started in good time. I certainly don’t miss getting up at 5am just to sit at a desk all day. Now I work part-time, I can blog when I like, but also take a day to lay in bed a little longer if needed. It’s sort of like my holiday, and comes in handy when those period cramps decide to make their month visit. I hate those.

08. I can chase my dreams
In reality, my dream is to blog full time. To write for magazines and websites, to design clothes and take photos; to write a novel and publish art. I also want to build my own business. The list is endless, and I can finally get started now that I have more time to focus on what I really want to do. I feel more motivated when finishing a task I actually wanted to start.

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09. Better mental health
I’ve always struggled with anxiety, depression and panic attacks. However, those dreadful symptoms only intensified when I was working my 9-5 job. It was almost every day, I would have to force myself to walk into the office, trying to ignore the heart palpitations and desperation to cry. That’s all over now, and since leaving, I’ve been able to take care of myself much better!

10. Meaningful rewards
Sure, earning a wage every month was great, and I still have that with part-time work. But when I’m blogging, and I pass a milestone, achieve a goal or succeed in my own eyes, the reward feels so much sweeter because I’m doing what I love. From a nice comment to earnings from a sponsored post, it all just feels so much better, now that I’m emotionally invested in my job as well as my hobby.

Have a great week!

Anika xo