Dress to Impress with Quiz Clothing

All I do on Twitter is bang on about how much I love autumn, but I love winter too. Not just for the cosy night and amazing films, but also for the fun times that are yet to be had. This winter, I’m heading to a ball hosted by one of my close friends, and I couldn’t be more excited. Funnily enough, I’m no stranger to balls. Keep it clean.

Anyway, I love to attend formal occasions because it means I can go all out when it comes to dressing up. With everything, from hair and makeup down to my shoes, I like to show off my extra side. There’s something about being able to doll up with my best friends that makes our bond so much stronger. Mainly because we’re pre-drinking before the fun really begins. Whenever I’m thinking about something unique, smoky eye is my go-to. Mainly because it’s one of the only makeup looks I can do successfully. Yet, I also like it because it stands out on my skin tone, even though I’m using a darker shadow.

One of my best friends is a hairdresser, so I never have to worry about coming up with something new, I just sit back and let her do her magic. And of course, nails! I absolutely love acrylic nails, even though I can’t really function with them. Plus, I have my ultra-dazzling heeled sandals from Quiz, which I wear at every party occasion and each time receive a compliments for my shoes.

Going to a ball means being able to buy a new dress – and that means online shopping. Whoop. For a regular house party or little gettogether, I can’t buy a new outfit every time, so I love when a special occasion comes up, meaning I can splash the cash and treat myself. When it comes to anything formal, my instincts tell me to go to Quiz. They’re actually sponsoring today’s post (raise your hand if you’re as excited as I am)!!!! Quiz has a reputation for bringing the glamor when it comes to their gowns and clothing, I still have the first dress I ever bought from their White Rose store – it’s 90% sequins.

It was only a couple of weeks ago when I was in that same Quiz store with two of my good friends, trying on dresses for the upcoming ball. The shopping assistants helped us pick wonderful dresses for our shape and size, plus we had a little photo shoot backdrop (I mean, what else do you do in changing rooms?)

When shopping online at Quiz, the first thing I noticed was the variety of colours, and the stunning clothing that’s also available for curvier girls like myself. There’s literally something for everyone, and I’m not on the hunt to find the perfect dress to go with the shoes I bought earlier this year! They have a whole line dedicated to occasion dresses – let the shopping begin. Check out my favourites below!

Quiz fashion, blogger, style Quiz fashion, blogger, styleWhat’s your favourite item? Let me know in the comments!

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