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Hello Friday! As I’m writing this it’s 9am on a workday but I’m full of energy and feeling nothing but positive vibes. Now this is something that’s totally and completely unusual on any day of the week, but there’s something in my brain that’s just saying “I love being me” and it’s making me very happy. My mental health is still something I struggle to understand myself sometimes, it’s like I’m soft on the inside but rough on the edges, and those two textures come to a clash in my brain.

Anika May. Fashion Blogger. OOTD. Style. Anika May. Fashion Blogger. OOTD. Style.Anyway, despite my incredibly cheery mood, I’m wearing all-black again. What. A. Shock. One of my favourite YouTubers is Danielle Mansuitti, and she has an awesome life says: “if it ain’t black, put it back on the rack”, and I manage to live this way without meaning to. As much as I try to branch out and experiment when it comes to the way I dress, nothing compares to an all-black look for me. It almost empowers me. There’s something awesome about fashion, the one thing that draws me in – it can totally change your mood. It can bring confidence, which is valuable in the world of social media.


Anika May. Fashion Blogger. OOTD. Style.




Speaking of confidence and feeling good, over the weekend I stupidly stumbled onto Facebook. I have a personal account that I never use, mainly because I friends with a lot of people I went to school with, and I’m not close to any of them anymore. Of course, there are some I still like and will have a little chat with from now and then, but majority of the people I attended secondary school with wouldn’t look at me twice in the street. I started feeling really down as I compared their lives with mine, those who are in long-term relationships or have successful careers. Then I realised two things: firstly, I like my life the way it is, so what’s the point in comparing. Secondly, I’m supposed to be loving myself, so why am I doing something that would tear me down?

What did I do instead? Well I threw on a cosy jumper, my favourite leggings, and cosied up on the couch with my little sister, watching hilarious YouTube videos. By the early hours of the morning, I felt myself again. When it comes to feeling good, it’s great to really think about what you want to do. Not what’s going to look good on Instagram, and certainly not what others think you should be doing – they can do one. The minute I decided to do what I want, ignore the irrelevant and get on with life, my confidence shot back up. In a matter of hours, I was feeling myself again, feeling like the real Anika and loving myself. Gotta stay fab!

“When it comes to feeling good, it’s great to really think about what YOU want to do.”

Anika May. Fashion Blogger. OOTD. Style.


Think about yourself. There’s nothing wrong with a little selfishness, as long as it’s not OTT.
Find someone who can cheer you up with minimal effort.
Watch something funny. Laughter truly is medicine.
Hang out with a loved one.
Animals are always ready for affection. Hang out with your pet!
Play a game. Competition lights up the soul, gets you going, brings you to life.
Make a fire playlist and dance around the house.
Get outside, let nature do it’s magic.
Binge watch a Netflix series. I’m currently on Once Upon A Time and there’s a million seasons.
Shut down digitally. If it’s got a screen, turn it off. Take some time away.
Take a nap. My favourite thing to do. 

Anika May. Fashion Blogger. OOTD. Style.Anyway, back to the look of the day! This all-black skater skirt was made by my wonderful mother, who’s a fashion designer and a superstar. She made the dress to be worn alone, but also with jumpers, jackets and even shirts. The poly-cotton fabric is so easy to style, and if you look closely, you can see a little pattern in the dress, one of my favourite features! Check out my fave LBDs below:


Anika May. Fashion Blogger. OOTD. Style.I also have to draw some attention to this incredibly beautiful backpack. I got it from TK Maxx (obviously, where else do I ever shop?!) and it’s a Steve Madden product. Steve Madden is slowly becoming one of my favourite designers, because his pieces are so stylish and on-trend. No matter what mood I’m in, I just love everything from his line. My choice when buying the bag, came down to this one and a Fiorelli one. Now, Fiorelli is also one of my go-to brands when it comes to accessories, but Steve Madden just slid into first. I love the shape of the bag, it’s a very lightweight faux leather – so perfect for on the go. Plus, the bag comes with a cute tassel keychain which I just attached to the handle. Take a peek at some of my favourite rucksacks below!


Anika May. Fashion Blogger. OOTD. Style.Next time I get bored online, I’m not going to look back to my old friends, old loves and old way of living. I’m going to look forward, maybe create a Pinterest board full of kittens or something. Write a blog post, paint a picture or hang out with my sister. I may not understand my own mental health, but there’s nothing wrong with trying to take charge while I can. So it’s Friday, it’s the start of the weekend and it’s time to unwind. I usually use Sunday nights to pampering myself, ready for the new weekend, but today I’m treating myself to something special. Maybe a KFC or something. I’m praying for productive and positive vibes, as it’s just what the world need right now. A little bit of sunshine.

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