New Week, New Wishlist

Wishlist time! The best time. There’s something about shopping online that makes me feel so happy. Maybe it’s the idea of being all cosy, browsing sites like Rosegal, covered in blankets, with candles burning and my favourite playlist; all while building my dream closet online. Shopping centres are always so busy, sometimes I just can’t handle it and I’d rather stay in my PJs. Plus, there’s so much to discover online.

I recently discovered Rosegal when they approached me with an invitation to take a look at their website. It’s no secret that I’m obsessed with summer dresses, so was absolutely buzzing when I spotted some on their site. Despite it being September, I’m still trying to introduce quite a few dresses into my wardrobe because I absolutely love wearing them. Even in the winter, dresses and tights are still a big love of mine.

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As I mentioned, I absolutely love a good dress. The swishier the better. If I can twirl in it, I’ll probably wear it, plus fit-n-flare or skater dresses are better for my body shape and confidence. I picked these four pieces because they all stood out to me, there was something about each one that I think would fit in my wardrobe. The Mini Shift Dress would pair perfectly with denim. The Tribal Print Dress is perfect solo. The Striped Skater Dress is definitely being worn to a party! And the Yellow Floral Dress is a total statement piece.

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Now, tops. Whenever I’m shopping online, tops are a go-to simply because I always complain, saying I don’t have any. In reality, I have quite a few tops I love – but you can never have too many! I really liked the Flare Sleeve Blouse because of the pattern around the neckline, so pretty. The Lace Sleeve Blouse is literally the perfect shade for the new season. The Pink Cold Shoulder Top isn’t just my favourite colour, it also slots perfectly into one of the most popular trends of the year. And the Grey Knotted Back Sweater is something really unique, I haven’t seen a design like that before.

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Autumn is the best season of the year (hahahahaha) and means wearing knitwear and any given time. Layers have got to be one of the best thing about the colder weather! At the moment, I’m in desperate need for some cosy cardigans and knitted goodies, so I manged to find four to fall in love with. The Dark Orange Knitted Cardigan is such a wonderful colour, the minute I saw it I thought: AUTUMN. The Oversized Choker Sweater is also a really cool concept, a design I haven’t seen before but would love to wear. Then there’s the huge Oversized Turtleneck Tunic which looks sooooooo cosy! It would pair perfectly with leggings and my favourite boots. Last but not least, the Light Chunky Cardigan would be an ideal addition to my wardrobe, simple and easy to dress.

After telling Rosegal about my love for shopping online, and their amazing prices, they were kind enough to give me the surprise code: RGEN to give all my blog followers an exclusive discount! Plus, they’re having a sale, 33% off to be exact, and the code works with all items in the sale! Click the banner below to shop!

anika may, rosegal, wishlist, fashion blog, polyvore

Let me know in the comments which item is your favourite, it’ll be great to hear some opinions 🙂

Happy shopping!

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