September Goals

September is here! It’s the first of the month, and what I class as autumn. This season is my favourite time of year, so here are some goals to get me started!


Earn more freelance jobs – I freelance in photography and journalism, and absolutely love it. The idea of having more odd jobs and earning extra coins while doing what I love sounds like a dream!

Gain more customers – I currently work for my mum’s charity, Clothing
Solutions for Disabled
People. We make clothes for disabled people, and although only small, it would be wonderful to have some new clients!


Movie nights! – I literally want to have movie nights every weekend with my best friends. We’re such a cuddly bunch, it would be so much fun!

Hang out with my blogger pals – I have a few internet friends, many who are bloggers, and it would be absolutely brilliant to host a blogger brunch in the city centre of Leeds.


Run a full circuit without stopping – I recent quit the gym because it’s too awkward to get to. Since then I’ve been running, and often have to take breaks as I’m not at the peak of physical health. I’m determined to run the full route without stopping!

Become a yoga expert – In June, I fell in love with yoga and it’s easily one of my favourite ways to work out. I have more energy after each class, and will soon be showing off my poses on Anika May! 


Head to a festival/gala – It would be simply fantastic to be able to visit a festival soon! There’s Bingley Music Live, a music festival held right in my hometown, and I’ve been once, but I certainly need to go again!

Drive somewhere new – Now that I’m a confident driver, I 100% want to take a long drive somewhere. It’s my goal to be able to jump in my car, bump to some tunes and just go!


Have money – A very obvious goal. I do have some money (obviously), but not much spare once those bills suck the life out of my current account. I’d like to be working my way towards earning money doing what I love!

Buy a new iPhone – I love my iPhone 7, it works brilliantly and always has my back. However, I have my eye on the 7+. I definitely don’t want the 8, not with a starting price of £1,000! The 7+ would be perfect for me and for photography on the go!


Keep up with my positive journal – I have a book, a very special book that I use to note down all the good things in life. It helps keep me positive and manage the anxieties of life. Now all I need to do is keep up with it!

Improve my skills – There are so many areas I want to learn new skills in. HTML, Photoshop, video editing, journalism, DSLR techniques and so on and so on. The list is endless, and autumn is the perfect time to get started!