Perfect Reads with Perfect Glasses

Isn’t being cosy just the best? I seriously just cannot stop talking about it because it makes me so happy. As I’m writing this blog post, I’m currently wrapped in my favourite knitted blanket, listening to my Lazy Chill playlist and loving life. Now that its autumn and I’m spending a lot more time indoors, I really want to catch up on my reading. It’s something I love to do for a few reasons:

One. It’s entertaining, like a movie in your mind.
Two. Reading helps me expand my vocabulary, which makes me feel more intelligent.
Three. I learn more about myself; what I like, what makes me laugh, and my dreams.
Four. Reading is a form of escape.
Five. It ignites the creative spark that I know is buried somewhere inside me.

Anika May // Favourite Books // Anika May // Favourite Books // don’t often discuss the type of books I’m into because I used to always feel insecure or embarrassed because it was different from what my friends liked. Most people I know like thrillers, or mysteries, or even supernatural. I’m a super-mushy hopeless romantic, so the cheesier the better when it comes to my book taste. Hand me some chick lit over action and adventure any day. However, I do like a splash of drama too. Just the idea of cosying up reading a beautiful love story makes my heart sing – that’s just who I am.

When it comes to reading, glasses are a must. There’s no escaping them, no matter how hard I try – I just can’t see small words without them! In my everyday life, I don’t always need glasses because my vision isn’t the worst (although I’m so jealous of people who are out there just seeing for free), but when it comes to focusing my eyes struggle a little. When Perfect Glasses gave me the opportunity to try a pair of their spectacles, I wasn’t just going to get a basic false glass pair. Nope, I marched myself down to the optician, got a copy of my prescription and sent it to the brand, because there’s literally no point reviewing glasses if they’re not actually my glasses – know what I mean?

Anika May // Favourite Books // pair I chose was the Munich 3298 C1 (which are currently on sale for 50% off) because I felt like they were the style that would suit me the most. And it’s safe to say I spent around thirty minutes trying to narrow the wide range down to just one pair. I’ve always worn dark-coloured frames because I think they just work better with my skin tone. The frames are 135mm wide and 39mm deep, but the first thing I noticed was how simply chic they look. I wear glasses when reading my faves at home but also working in my office, so the style has to be easy to wear and dress around.

Anika May // Favourite Books // Anika May // Favourite Books // glasses arrived in great time, which is always a bonus because I hate waiting weeks for a product that took minutes to buy. I was impressed by the fact they arrived with a spacious case and cleaning cloth – something my optician didn’t even provide! When I unpacked the glasses, I was pleasantly surprised to find out how lightweight they were. It never occurred to me how fantastic of a feature this was. A reason I’m always trying to get out of wearing glasses is because they irritate my face, and I think it’s the weight of them. I’m extremely happy to have received this pair that don’t fit too tight and weigh next to nothing.

Now that I have my perfect pair from Perfect Glasses, I can get on with the autumn/winter reads! I usually discover books online, because I can read plenty of information about the book without any spoilers. As much as I love a bookstore, I have a tendency to read a couple of pages and ruin the story. Out of my selection, I’ll Take New York is definitely one of my favourites because it’s just so freaking cute! I also finished Fairytale of New York which could be classed as it’s prequel and is just as adorable. It’s a total love story! Sleepless in Manhattan is similar, and both helped me to fall further in love with New York. Solitaire is a really relatable YA novel, full of emotion and a real page-turner. Similarly, Beautiful Broken Things is so engaging, it’s incredibly difficult to put down. Both Solitaire and Beautiful Broken Things were read twice and loved twice! Love, Lies and Spies is something a little different for me, as it’s set in the nineteenth-century. The book begins a little slow, but once you get into it; my goodness it’s hard not to be obsessed with.

Anika May // Favourite Books // Anika May // Favourite Books //


Check out my list of favourites below:

Solitaire by Alice Oseman

Beautiful Broken Things by Sara Barnard <– Such a beautiful novel!

Sleepless in Manhattan by Sarah Morgan

I’ll Take New York by Miranda Dickinson (also check out Fairytale of New York by Miranda Dickinson = amaaaazing)

Love, Lies and Spies by Cindy Anstey

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