How To Cultivate Contentment

Anika May // WearAll // Denim Jacket // // Fashion BloggerAnika May // WearAll // Denim Jacket // // Fashion BloggerYou reap what you sow. I hear it in my head every time I do something bad and it comes back to bite me in the arse. But I think this phrase can be spun into a positive thing because when you do something good, the results are usually good. When you put effort and energy into a project, the end result is something to be proud of. When we act in a positive way, our minds become stronger and happier. That way we can sow virtuousness and cultivate contentment.

One of the best ways to seek happiness is to get rid of envy. Definitely a difficult thing to do. The feeling pops up in every aspect of life. For example, someone who barely puts in any work appears to have great things handed to them on a silver platter. Or someone else isn’t that nice of a person but has locked down the best partner around, despite having a terrible personality. There are so many injustices in the world, it’s hard not to become envious, spiteful and even bitter.

Although these feelings are part of being human, it’s dwelling on them that causes damage. Sitting and stewing over someone getting a new car does nothing to them and absolutely nothing for you. It doesn’t make their life any worse and doesn’t make yours any better. The same applies to sending hate out of jealousy, it’s a petty and unnecessary thing to do.

Anika May // WearAll // Denim Jacket // // Fashion Blogger Anika May // WearAll // Denim Jacket // // Fashion Blogger Anika May // WearAll // Denim Jacket // // Fashion BloggerAnika May // WearAll // Denim Jacket // // Fashion BloggerRather than focus on the lives of others, focus on your own. That doesn’t mean living with a selfish attitude, but putting energy into finding your own successes. After all, someone else’s achievements shouldn’t dampen your own.


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Anika May // WearAll // Denim Jacket // // Fashion Blogger Anika May // WearAll // Denim Jacket // // Fashion Blogger


Cultivating contentment also includes taking hold of mental health, and trying to keep those darker emotions under control. One of the biggest struggles in my life is anxiety and low mood. I no longer class myself as depressed, but anxiety is something that’s extremely different to keep under control, especially as panic spells result in a feeling of paralysis rather than power.

There are plenty of different ways to exercise the brain and take your mind off problems, even if it’s just for a short while or to refresh. I try to avoid sleep, as it usually makes me feel even worse or sometimes lethargic. Games and television are two of the best forms of entertainment, and so easy to access. It’s no secret that Netflix is my best friend; any time I’m feeling particularly down, I’ll throw on a hilarious TV show or watch funny YouTube videos to elevate my mood.

The only way is up, but the challenging thing is getting started. When you don’t feel in the mood to do something fun, it’s difficult to force yourself to do it. But no one ever regrets having fun. Ever.

Anika May // WearAll // Denim Jacket // // Fashion Blogger Anika May // WearAll // Denim Jacket // // Fashion BloggerI recently discovered the benefits of exercise. In my mind, it used to seem like a chore, something I never look forward too, and usually tried to avoid. Now, I can’t get enough. It sounds quite strange as we’re in the colder half of the year and its dark for 16 hours of the day, but I love running at night. I have reflective leggings that I use to run with, and never go anywhere that’s quiet or dangerous.

After a long day at work, or at home blogging, I just love to get outside in the fresh air and run. It not only clears my mind, but the crisp air is refreshing. My music is as loud as possible and RunKeeper lets me know how far I’ve managed to go. Each day, I’m getting stronger and fitter, which makes me happy. After each run, the rush of exercise makes me incredibly happy. I know that if I continue to work hard and work out as much as possible, I’ll achieve the shape and fitness level I desire. Work hard, play harder!

Anika May // WearAll // Denim Jacket // // Fashion Blogger Anika May // WearAll // Denim Jacket // // Fashion BloggerFinally, being positive will forever be a must. It’s an essential to me, there’s no other way of life. It’s easy to write about but difficult to put into action. I’m not alone when I say there are days when I just want to scream at anyone who makes eye contact with me and punch a wall. However, trying that little bit harder to be positive, always brings the best results. There have been countless occasions where I’ve simply wanted to give up: on work, on exercise, on my friends and even on myself. But I kept going, I remained positive, and I stayed conscious of my mind-set at all times.

Every so often I’ll think: “screw it, I’m done” and just before I shut down, I think: “hang on, have a little hope” and majority of the time, I get through whatever challenge I face. Of course, this can’t be applied to every aspect of life, but it doesn’t hurt to try. There are some situations have to laugh through just to stop yourself from crying.

Putting a little love and positivity in the world will ensure a happy harvest.

A xo