Three Tops, One Store

TK Maxx really is a modern gold mine in the fashion industry. Whenever I’m near the store, I’m so tempted to go in, knowing full well that I’ll find something I can’t part with, whether it’s a new pair of sunglasses or an armchair. One thing I’ve noticed, is that it’s a great place to start if you’re looking to experiment with fashion or add something unique to your wardrobe. I’m always trying to add more colour and prints to my wardrobe because I never wear enough of either.

As much as I love colour, prints and everything floral, I just think I need to update my closet a lot more. However, this can be incredibly difficult to do if you’re not a bajillionaire. I sadly fall into the category of those who simply cannot afford to purchase a mass amount of clothes each month, hence my incredibly close friendship with TK Maxx.

One of the best thing about TK Maxx is the prices, they’re always amazing! Of course there’s that one item you totally fall in love with, and then check the price tag to see it is actually £400, but the rest is wonderful! I recently bought three patterned tops from the store, all under £10 and all amazing quality.

Fortunately, the quality of most TK Maxx items is A1. There have been some stores I’ve shopped at, simply browsing because the price is so brilliantly low, and then realised the clothing is basically made out of paper and would disintegrate after one wash. No thanks.

Anika May // // fashion blogger Anika May // // fashion bloggerThe first top is this really cool 100% cotton number, which a “psychedelic-esque” (stay with me) print. The neckline is cut off by my leather jacket (it’s freezing outside) but the top actually has a halter neck that’s very subtle and casual. The fabric is unbelievable soft and I picked this top up for only £4 in the summer sale. I couldn’t leave her, it would be like leaving a child behind. I love that the print is cut off at the bottom by another, just adding to the chaotic print. The colour in this is subtle, they work together well so it’s not “in-your-face” clothing, not my style.

Anika May // // fashion blogger Anika May // // fashion bloggerThe second top has been featured on the blog before and still a favourite. I fell in love with the pattern in 2016 and still love it a year later. One thing I’ve loved about this top over the past year is how easy it is to style. Whenever I think print, I always thing they just go with block colours, basic pieces and nothing else. However, this top can easily be dressed up with a fun skirt, and turned into a high-waisted staple look! The splash of red in the poppy print brings some colour into my wardrobe, and is on-trend of this season! I can’t believe it was only £7.

Anika May // // fashion blogger Anika May // // fashion bloggerThe third top has also been featured on the blog back in August, and I wore it with this exact leather jacket too. Talk about being an outfit repeater. I explained how much I adore this top in that post, and I still love it just as much today. The neckline is still my favourite feature and the drawstrings are so cute! Like the first top, this one has a crazy print, but it’s not over-the-top; it doesn’t hurt to look at. The pattern is split up by more pattern and it’s wonderful in every way. I picked up this number for £6, hiding in one of the many (many, many) clothing rails in TK Maxx.

In total, I spent £17 on three items all in one store. Shopping at TK Maxx definitely requires the right mind-set, sometimes I’ll go in and just feel so overwhelmed I can’t cope. But, on other days, I’ve prepared in advance, got my debit card ready and feel determined to find those little gems hidden around each store.


A xo