The Best High Street Bomber Jackets

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Before I owned a bomber jacket, they were never something I bothered with. I noticed a few that were gorgeously styled on Pinterest, but they weren’t obsession the same way aviator jackets and oversized jumpers have been in my life. Some of my favourite celebrities including Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Hailey Baldwin and Shay Mitchell have rocked the trend, so I finally decided to purchase one last year.


Anika May - Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger - Anika May - Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger - owning a jacket, they’ve become very much like a staple piece to me, and item I can’t let go of (like 90% of the things in my closet). I guess that’s why I have an ever-growing collection. I love the accents and minor details they come with, like zips, studs and buttons. But I also love how flattering they are!

As the jacket is usually puffy or maybe even oversized, you naturally look and feel slimmer, which is always a yes from me. But the jacket also elongates you, as it’s cinches in at the perfect part of the upper-body. For me, bomber jackets make me feel a lot more put-together, and they are so easy to style.

For example, today I’m keeping it 100% casual, I don’t plan on doing much and the jacket is the perfect accessory. However, I’ve also worn this jacket (and many other bombers) with skirts and dresses for meals out. Similarly, I now wear my fleece-lined bomber jacket on nights out because it’s ‘dressy’ enough and keeps me warm!

Anika May - Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger - Anika May - Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger -




Anika May - Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger - Anika May - Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger - first ever bomber jacket I bought was from TK Maxx, and still a favourite. Today I’m wearing this beaut from Pretty Little Thing and it’s safe to say I’m obsessed. The first thing I noticed was how lightweight the fabric is. Majority of the other jackets I own are quite heavy, which makes them versatile but annoying to carry around. This khaki number is the perfect lightweight item to complete a look. My top is 50% wool, so combined with the jacket I’m very cosy in these single-digit temperatures!


What do you think of bomber jackets? And which is your favourite?

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