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Anika May // Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger // May // Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger // Anika May // Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger // love for cropped hoodies is beginning to grow to a dangerous level. I usually stay away from anything and everything cropped but I have been wearing more trimmed sweatshirts during the cosy weather and I’m loving every moment of it. Send help.

The main reason I used to always avoid everything cropped is simply because I’m not the most body confident in the world, and always thought I would look better if k stuck to oversized pieces or something that hides my figure. However, my confidence is currently at a level that’s slightly higher than average so I’m sticking with what I love. That’s what fashion is all about right?

My style is usually pretty causal, because I never really go anywhere fancy and love a good bargain. So when I spotted this hoodie on Zaful’s site, I just had to have it. It’s cute, youthful and super easy to style. As said earlier, I used to simply avoid anything cropped out of the fear of feeling a little more exposed, and although I do feel like my tummy could essentially be on show, here’s an element of comfort there because I… don’t care. That sounds really sassy and over the top but I genuinely don’t.

It’s time to accept that I’ll never look like an Instagram supermodel overnight, and that changing the shape of my body shouldn’t be motivated by hatred for the skin I’m in. My workout routine is back to being regular, but finally for the right reasons. For better physical and mental health, not to look like someone I don’t even know.

I started this blog because I adore fashion, styling clothes and trying out something new, so cropped hoodies are something new. They may not be the newest trend, and certainly won’t be disappearing from the high street any time soon! I really like sharing my outfits on this blog, as it’s a great way for me to keep up with the fashion world without having to be right in the middle of the storm.

When reading the description for this hoodie, I knew it would be a thin cotton fabric that’s not ideal to wear alone. Therefore, it makes the PERFECT lower layer because the fabric is thin, doesn’t gather or rub against the skin. It’s really soft to wear, which is wonderful but also doesn’t stick to me either – I hate that.

Anika May // Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger // Anika May // Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger // CROPPED HOODIES

Today I’m choosing to wear the sweatshirt with this puffer jacket from Calvin Klein, which is one of my favourite buys of the winter season. I found this piece in TK Maxx (also known as, my second home) and it was hanging there, all alone, just calling out to be bought. What I love most is that the jacket weighs as much as a feather. It’s truly so light you wouldn’t believe it could keep the body warm. Yet, it’s such a cosy coat to wear because it’s so layered inside. The jacket is waterproof and has a hood (win win), so is ideal for the terrible Yorkshire winter storms that are due to hit any time soon.

The hoodie and coat together give me sporty vibes, so I thought leggings would be my best (and comfiest) bet when it comes to creating this on-the-go outfit. I have to accept that I can’t wear Converse everywhere, so I’m rocking a pair Nike Roche Run trainers, which are grey to match the Brooklyn Babe hoodie. The first time I wore these sneakers I sincerely felt like I was walking on little pillows – dreamy.

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