Four Rules I Live By as a Blogger


Look for the best, appreciate small wins

The Instagram struggle is real. I complain about the app on a regular basis and still hope for it to return back to chronological order. I have had under 1,000 followers on Instagram for the longest time, as in, well over a year or two and it starts to get me down as a content creator. It makes me wonder, am I good enough? Is there something that makes people visit my profile, but leave?

And then I remember, my self-worth and confidence should not be defined by numbers. The fact that I have an amount of people that already follow me, is a win in itself. Sure, it’s nice to receive a new follow, but appreciating what I have already is a way to stay grounded and focus on creating content I love, not just content for others.

This rule applies to all aspects of blogging for me. Of course, I want to be the best I can be, but it’ll take me a while to get there, so the journey should be enjoyed rather than overlooked. Every so often, I look to look back on my blogging career. From my first post to here, there’s quite a difference, and I’ll continue to win every day!

Ignore the drama, and avoid sides

There are countless dramas, witch hunts and cliques in the blogging industry. When I first started blogging, I was very much on the outside of it all, and have tried to stay that way. There are times when I see a little drama on the timeline and I watch to see how it unfolds, check out profiles and do a little investigating, but now I just shut it all down.

Of course, if I see one person attacking another I’ll say something, but never step out of my place or add fuel to the fire. If I see a bit of a gossip or drama evolving on Twitter, I just switch apps and wait until it all blows over. That way, I avoid taking sides or forming opinions when I don’t know the full story.

I’d hate for someone to judge me based on what they’d heard from the internet, so I shouldn’t judge others from rumours and playground nonsense.

Anika May // Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger // OOTD //

Anika May // Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger // OOTD // true, real and original

I often see tweets saying “you’re only a real blogger if… random stereotype” or “only true bloggers have… blah blah blah”. Sometimes these types of tweets are really funny and poke fun at typical blogger trends, but on occasion I see tweets like this that are dead serious, and I find it discouraging. In my opinion, the only thing that makes you a real blogger is owning a blog. It doesn’t matter what platform that blog is on, and what that blog is about. If you own a blog, and publish blog posts – you’re a blogger.

With this in mind, I found find it easy to stop imitating what I think a “real” blogger would do because I am a real blogger! So I can buy whatever I want to buy, shop wherever I want to shop and like whatever I want to like. It’s simple really.
One of my biggest personal goals is to stay true to myself. The best way to do this is to think for myself and believe in myself. Follow my passions and use my own mind to discern what I like and don’t like, when it comes to blogging.

Take risks, and aim high

It’s important to me that I stay true to myself, but it’s also important that I push myself out of my comfort zone. As an introvert, it’s really easy to stay stuck in my ways. When it comes to fashion, there’s always going to be trends and stores I love more than others, but I definitely want to focus on taking a couple more risks in 2018. Trying on the clothes I would usually ignore, shopping at stores I would usually walk past.

I love being an ambitious person. However, I need to strive to set realistic goals rather than ones that could take years to accomplish.

The time between setting a goal and achieving it can be a waiting game, and purposefully setting an objective that will take a significant amount of time to take place could easily become exhausting. So I have my huge aims, like blogging full time. My monthly aims, like loving the content I produce. And my daily aims, like good Instagram posts and interacting on Twitter.


If you’re a blogger, what are your golden rules?

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