Six Things I Strive for Other Than Money

Anika May // Winter OOTD // Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger // makes the world go ‘round. It has become the centre of all things and the focus of most lives. We obviously need money to survive, and it’s important to earn a living, but there are so many other things I strive for, rather than coins. Maybe it’s because I’m frugal, maybe it’s because I see how money destroys things – but there are a lot of other things I strive for.

“I work all night, I work all day, to pay the bills I have to pay. Ain’t it sad. And still there never seems to be a single penny left for me. That’s too bad.” – ABBA

I grew up in a single-parent household, and I watched my mum try her very hardest to give me and my little sister everything, and she did. She provided (and still provides) everything we need, we managed living a simple life, that lifestyle has completely shaped the outlook I have on life.

I’ve never had a goal of being a bajillionaire or living in a 10-bedroom home with a cinema and pool. I genuinely don’t think it would make me happy. While my friends at school strived for the most expensive gadgets and luxuries, I just wasn’t that interested. Mo money, mo problems.

When I think about the things I’m truly focused on, in my life, money isn’t one of them. Of course, it’s nice to earn money, it makes things a lot easier but it doesn’t bring the same type of satisfaction that other things in my life do.

Anika May // Winter OOTD // Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger //







Anika May // Winter OOTD // Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger // Anika May // Winter OOTD // Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger //

“Happiness is never found in materialistic things; it exists in things that cannot be physically possessed. Therefore, happiness is priceless. It can never be purchased.”

― Ellen J. Barrier

I definitely think true happiness cannot be purchased. It’s something that can be found a bunch of different ways, whether it’s through faith, other people or just a form of inner peace that brings happiness. Delight is always something that I strive for, because it keeps me going. It’s like fuel for me. When I strive to be happy, or positive, I’m a productive person and I’m much more fun to be around. I always like to remember quotes around kindness, positivity and cheerfulness because they guide me in the right direction. Money sure makes me happy from time to time, but it’s only ever temporary. I know money won’t bring true happiness, I strive for contentment in every single aspect of my life.

Anika May // Winter OOTD // Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger //

Physical and mental health are incredibly important to me. One of my personal goals for 2018 is to focus a lot more on my physical health; losing weight, eating healthier and so on. But also to take care of my mental health. To be able to recognise when I’m having a down day and act accordingly. I strive for good health because it’s inexpensive to keep up with. My mental health is a little trickier, but tools like journaling and Headspace out can help me through an anxiety attack.

Exercise is something that can also be free. I follow Blogilates, POPSUGAR Fitness and the Fitness Marshall on YouTube to help me get a quick workout in before the end of the day. Eating healthier can be on the pricey side, but with the right budget I can plan my meals ahead and concentrate on health.

Anika May // Winter OOTD // Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger // Anika May // Winter OOTD // Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger // Anika May // Winter OOTD // Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger //

Friendships are something I have always strived for. I’ve been in that many friendship groups and cliques in my life, I’m now at a stage where the only thing I’m looking for is a genuine friendship, not to be another addition to a gossip gang. It’s also really easy to fall back as a member of a friendship group, especially as an introvert. Sometimes I need time to recharge, and I like to be alone, so slipping into the “friend-but-not-quite-friend” role is all too common.

Fortunately, last year I made the effort to make some sincere friends, find some people with the same outlook on life as me and now we’re close than ever. However, one thing I strive for is keeping those friendships alive and making the effort to reach out – not just waiting to be reached.


Speaking of not waiting to be reached, I strive for new opportunities over money every day. Not just blogging opportunities, and not opportunities to earn money, but the chance to try something new, working with a brand I admire or develop a new skill. I’m a marketing assistant by day, and constantly remain on the lookout for new opportunities to develop the business I work for, and gain new clients. As I blogger, I’m aiming to reach out to brands a lot more, even though it’s something I’m terrified of.

There was recently a bit of blogger drama regarding reach out to brands, and I can’t lie, it freaked me out a little. However, I can’t be afraid of new opportunities or aiming higher. Rather than strive for earning extra cash, I’m striving for the experiences and promotions too.

Anika May // Winter OOTD // Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger //

I’m only 21, and well aware that there’s so much to experience. Starting with travel. I know this is something that can be pricey, but I also endeavour to see more. There are places in the UK I haven’t even seen yet, and I still want to spend some time in bigger cities like London and Manchester. Especially now that I have a group of friends I can rely on, 2018 will be a year of adventures. One of the main reasons I strive for adventure is because it takes a lot of focus away from money.

When you’re in the moment, experiencing or visiting somewhere new for the first time, the last thing on your mind is a current account, because genuine fun and the feeling of wanderlust is priceless. Having an element of adventure in my life, sounds so much more satisfying than material things for me.

Anika May // Winter OOTD // Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger //

One of my favourite things about school was being able to learn new things. Despite struggling with the environment, I absolutely loved being taught and studying. I have always been a bookish person, and still enjoy it to this day. The minute I learn about something new, I’m doing as much research as possible so I can gain a little knowledge on the subject. I remember one of the best presents I received as a child was an encyclopaedia.

My passion for reading, writing and learning means way more to me than a pay cheque which is why I strive to develop those skills every day. Plus, being able to know more does wonders for my confidence. How good does it feel when someone compliments your intelligence?! 🙂


I hope you enjoyed this post!

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