The Little Weapons of Healthy Self-Confidence

Anika May // Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger // you have mornings when you get up and can’t bear the idea of facing the person into the mirror? Everyone has days where their self-confidence is knockdown and they find that, regardless of what they tell themselves, positive thinking doesn’t help. You can repeat yourself all day long that you’re a boss. It doesn’t matter if your heart’s not in it. So, how do you best kill the negative mood and boost up your confidence for these unhappy days? You can choose to stay at home, pull to blanket over your eyes and sleep until a better day come, but it’s not always a practical solution – even though it feels like a great way to spend a cold, rainy day. Instead, you need to have a few tricks up your sleeve to make you feel better about yourself in minutes. Don’t think it’s possible?

Here are the top three proven tips for an emergency self-confidence boost:  

Do your nails and feel good

Positive and happy colours can dramatically improve your mood as it has a direct impact on how your brain interprets your surroundings. You may not be able to repaint your bedroom walls every week, but you can certainly do your nails regularly to give yourself a mood-lifting manicure. If you’re stressed out, use a calming coat of blue to encourage tranquillity and peacefulness. Feeling that all the energy has gone out of your body. Try a splash of green to revive your energy levels! Pink is the ideal response to anger as it pushes compassion and love. In short, grab your OPI GelColor nail polish and colour your world a shade softer, gentler, and kinder. You’ll forget everything about your bad mood!

Dare fashion playfulness

Colours and playfulness can help your mind to reset itself and change its perception. If nail painting isn’t your thing, you might try to wear a daring fashion accessory instead. From a bright belt to patterned Wolford tights, the playfulness of your outfit is contagious. You can try a yellow belt to pep in your step. Do you need a little softness in your day? Add a pair of flowery tights to your favourite dress, and you’ll feel like a princess walking on clouds. Bright colours and bold patterns are best to change the way you feel, but a downtoned pair of quality tights can brighten up your office wear enough too.

Smile often and laugh more

When colours and patterns don’t break the spell, you can choose to wear a different accessory, namely, your best smile. Smiling is indeed part of establishing healthy and positive relationships as it is an indicator that you value your interlocutor. More importantly, a smile is contagious. The more you smile, the more smiles you receive, and subconsciously, the more valued you feel. Additionally, as you smile, and even if you force yourself to smile at first, you’ll soon experience a rush of positivity. Why so? Because your brain associates smiling with mood enhancement and adjust its perception accordingly.

Don’t leave the house with a shattered self-confidence. Instead, rebuild it with colours, shapes and smiles. Feeling good about yourself has never been that easy!

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