My Favourite Spotify Playlists

Anika May - Favourite Spotify Playlist - February 2018 - New Music

I love discovering new music. The more the better.

I listen to music for majority of the day, I can’t really do much without it, and have a specific playlist for everything I do. Maybe I’m excited for the summer and want a few top-down pop songs. Or maybe, I’m kinda sad and would rather listen to some beautiful acoustics. Or maybe I’m wrapped up warm and need something to add to the mood. Or maybe I’m in some desperate need for inspo while trying to work on a new blog post. I think you get the point.

My dad’s a DJ/music producer, and I’ve grown up with a very specific taste in music: Caribbean reggae, R&B, slow jams, anything by Whitney Houston. However, as I’ve grown, met new people, been to new places, I have discovered a whole new world to music, and I would say my taste has actually changed quite a bit from childhood.

I still know all the words to Mariah Carey’s first album, but now I also know all the words to Ben Howard’s. I love that about music. Every single song is different, stirs up a different emotion, creates a different vibe; but we have the capability to love such a wide range of tracks and beats. There are plenty of different things that draw me to new music, whether it’s just coming across something in my Daily Mix playlists on Spotify or seeing something new pop up in my friend’s feed. I just love music!

Today I’m sharing some of my favourite personal playlists, they’re constantly changing so I hope they continue to update every month. Please let me know if any of the songs are your favourite, and if you have Spotify, feel free to follow! Oh, and leave your Spotify username below, I absolutely love finding new friends to follow!





I thought it would be best to share just a few of my playlists because too many is just overwhelming! However, I did want to highlight a couple of my favourite songs:

Morning – Marc E. Bassy

I discovered Marc after one of his lyric videos was recommended to me on YouTube. Little did I know he was already a pretty established artist and I had just struck gold! There are quite a few of his songs that I’ll always be drawn to, but “Morning” is one of my all-time favourites. The meaning behind the song isn’t what gets me, it’s the melody. The chorus just makes me happy and I love singing along. I often find that there are some songs I love, not because of their lyrics or meaning, just because I love singing them!

No Love – Olivia O’Brien

Olivia gained popularity after featuring on the song, “i hate u, i love u” was released last year. For me, I wasn’t too keen on the song because it became really overplayed and started to irritate me. Don’t you just hate when that happens? It happened with “Havana” by Camila Cabello… I can’t stand that song anymore! However, “No Love” was also released in 2017 and has quickly become a favourite for me this year. I absolutely love the lyrics, and have it on repeat every time I drive!

Doo Wop (That Thing) – Lauryn Hill

This song was released in 1998, and I was only two years old, but it’s the music I grew up listening to. My mum loves Lauryn Hill so much, she actually named my little sister, Lauryn. The thing I really love about this song, and Lauryn in general, is her voice. From her days in Fugees to her solo career, I have always adored the beautiful tone her voice has, and how powerful it is. There are some artists I’ll support just because I like their voice, even if I don’t listen to their songs that often. Lauryn is one of those artists.

Night Calls – Samm Henshaw

Speaking of beautiful voices, Samm Henshaw is a new voice I came across on Spotify and I genuinely feel like I’ve been missing out for the past four years. Did you know Samm was handpicked as a tour support act by James Bay and Chance the Rapper? He’s that good. Whenever I like of Samm, I just think: “amazing voice.” He’s truly talented, and you can see how passionate he is about the music he makes. Just listen to one song, you’ll be hooked.

Naked – James Arthur

It would feel wrong, for me to write a blog post about my favourite music and not include my future husband James Arthur. If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll know I listen to his music almost daily. I remember James’ X Factor Audition, and I downloaded that performance of “Young” as well as all his other live performances and was totally and completely obsessed. His voice is ridiculously powerful and passionate. He recently tweeted that he’s working on a new album and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t scream a lil’ bit.

Confidently Lost – Sabrina Claudio

I’m so jealous of Sabrina’s voice. If I was able to sing like her, I wouldn’t shut up. In fact I would sing rather than speak. We’re actually the same age so in my head we’re best friends. I first came across Sabrina’s song, “Orion’s Belt” while it played in a cafe, and used Shazam to find out what it was. Since then, I have supported her music non-stop and hope to see her live one day. “Confidently Lost” is a favourite of mine because of the lyrics of the song:

I’m alone but I’m not lonely
Comfortably indulging
And trying to get to know me
I’m just an outline of what I used to be
Constantly evolving
Steadily revolving

Just perfect!

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