Is Your Body Trying To Tell You Something?

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How in touch are you with your body? You may not realise, but your body is constantly trying to communicate with you, and warning symptoms at low-levels shouldn’t be ignored, as if left unchecked, they may be linked to underlying conditions that can be better treated the sooner you are aware of them.

Being able to understand these messages from your physical being means developing a deeper awareness of your body and what its messages might mean- and perhaps making some positive lifestyle changes. And if symptoms are continuous over time, we must stop self-medicating and seek the advice of an expert. While the body has many ways of communicating with us, here are some of the factors most often encountered.

A rash that itches

Breakouts in our skin – and in uncommon places such as the scalp, back, elbows or knees- usually isn’t just a random occurrence, especially if your skin is not normally sensitive. In fact, it may be a sign that you have coeliac disease, a digestive problem. Read more about that condition here. Look out for other symptoms and approach a doctor if you have more than one.

Unexplained weight loss

While we may think we dream of effortlessly dropping a few pounds, experiencing a sudden, unexplained weight loss can be a sign of something serious. It can be symptomatic of issues with the esophagus, stomach or pancreas, it can foretell serious thyroid and hormonal issues – is a good source of information.

Constant headaches

The causes of headaches can be various, depending on the type, severity and region of the pain. Anything from dehydration to congested sinuses to long-term lingering effects from a head trauma injury all require different treatments. Even things like a misaligned back can result in tension that manifests as a headache. A visit to can help you decide what type of pain you’re having and how to address it.

Dramatic changes in mood

Of course we all experience fluctuations in mood, but if you have intense bursts of emotion with no clear cause, it could be a sign of something more. For example, uncontrolled bursts of sudden anger at little provocation could be a sign of depression or even a neurological condition – find out more information here.

Unexplained bleeding

If the body is bleeding, it’s a clear sign of something that needs investigating. Bleeding with no clear cause is very serious. Blood appearing in your urine or stools needs mentioning to a doctor immediately, and must be checked out. In some cases it may be symptomatic of haemorrhoids, a condition with the bowels or colon or of kidney disease. Don’t delay getting this one checked out.

Persistent cough

If you have a cough that won’t quit, instead of disguising the problem with over the counter remedies, if it continues above two weeks it could be that you need to investigate further. If you don’t have asthma, or any sinus problems accompanying the cough you may have an allergy or possibly more serious problems with your larynx, lungs or throat. You can find a guide to common allergies at

Thirsty and needing the toilet

If you find yourself permanently thirsty, no matter how much water you drink and needing to use the toilet much more frequently, you need to get these symptoms checked by a physician. The two things together can be indicators of Type 2 Diabetes, an increasingly common disease in the developed world. A build up of glucose in the blood means the body tries to rid itself with more frequent urination, and this in turn causes the increased thirst.

Yellow tint to skin or eyes

If you see yellowness in your skin or the whites of your eyes, it may be a sign of liver problems such as jaundice or hepatitis. Liver disease can be incredibly hard to detect, so if you spot these, contact a health professional immediately. Find information on these conditions at

In short, your body chooses to convey a whole host of signals to you, and it’s up to you if you choose to tune in. Ignoring problems that are temporarily blocked with over the counter medicines is a route that can often seem appealing in the midst of our busy lives, but ignore what your body is trying to tell you for too long, and you can be at risk of agrevating unknown conditions. Some problems can be easily resolved and for other, more serious causes, the earlier you receive a diagnosis the more positive your treatment options.

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