Grandma’s Bag

Grandma's Bag | OOTD by Anika May | Grandma's Bag | OOTD by Anika May | Grandma's Bag | OOTD by Anika May | 2017, I published a blog post entitled Grandma’s Jacket, in which I styled my Grandma’s old summer jacket with a casual, everyday outfit and wrote all about it. I still have the jacket and wear it as much as possible (weather permitting), so I thought it would be fun to share another item of my Grandma’s that I have always adored.

Ever since I was a little girl, I wanted to work in fashion. My mum’s a trained designer and can make literally anything (like the dress I’m wearing) and it has always inspired me. From designing, to styling or becoming the editor of Teen Vogue – it was always my goal to work in fashion. Fortunately, I discovered blogging which allows me to do just that, in the way that I love.

As I was so obsessed with fashion and becoming part of the designer world when I was younger, I spent hours upon hours studying the most established brands and the geniuses behind them. I got to know the runway trends, the latest looks and the best names in the industry.

One day, when dropping into my Grandma’s house, I spotted her new Mulberry bag and was immediately entranced. I hadn’t seen many designer items, I still don’t own many now, and naturally fall into a state of awe when I see one. I remember squealing with excitement when I saw the bag, and she couldn’t understand why I was so buzzed over this black bag.

Grandma's Bag | OOTD by Anika May | me, it wasn’t just a black bag. It was a Mulberry bag. It was a designer bag. And it was something I considered stylish. On that day, I set the goal of saving up to buy my own designer bag as a real fashion investment. Sadly, I never reached that point, but my Grandma was generous enough to give me her bag as she no longer has use for it.


Mulberry is one of those brands that is quintessentially British. The brand is pure luxury and I love their long line of iconic handbags. There was a time, when I was in school, and each student was carrying a knock of version of Mulbery’s Heritage Bayswater bag. It was the bag to have.

Grandma's Bag | OOTD by Anika May | To her, it was really just a random bag, and still is, but to me, it’s a little piece of the designer world and a bag I’m very proud to walk around with. I don’t simple adore designer items because they represent luxury (of course, that’s a nice touch), I adore them because I’m obsessed with the industry. Since my Stardoll days and Company Magazine days, I’ve had this fascination with style and brands that just won’t go away.

My Grandma used this bag non-stop when she owned it, and it’s still in perfect condition. She promised she’d pass it on to me the moment she stopped using it and she did just that.

Thanks Grandma!

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