My Sunday Self-Care Routine

My Sunday Self-Care Routine // Anika May // // @imanikamayI really cherish Sundays. I can’t say they’re my favourite day of the week because Monday follows but still, it’s a day of the week I always look forward to. Sunday has become self-care day in my house, and it’s such a peaceful time of the week. I can’t wait for spring, when I can wake up to lambs bouncing around and the warm sun shining through.







There are plenty of different activities I could be doing on Sunday, but as it’s the end of a busy week for me, I like to take it easy and focus on moi.

My self-care routine is pretty simple, inexpensive and makes me happy. It’s self-care because I’m concentrating more on me, and I’m doing the things that make me happy physically and mentally.

It starts with a cup of tea. If we’re talking normal tea, it’s nothing but Yorkshire Tea – what’s the point in any other kind? However recently, I have been introduced to rose tea and it’s life-changing. I never used to be a big herbal fan. I actually used to think herbal tea tasted more like grass in hot water. But rose tea is easily the greatest herbal tea I’ve ever tried and it’s now my Sunday morning go-to.

My Sunday Self-Care Routine // Anika May // // @imanikamayComfy pyjamas are also part of the routine. I cannot comprehend sitting in the house in jeans, I just can’t. The purple stripe night shirt I’m wearing is from Next and I wish I had one for each day of the week! Sadly they have discontinued the shirt and I can’t find it anywhere (so Next, if you’re reading this – bring them back)!

After a cup of tea and an unhealthy breakfast (a must), I will watch my favourite show and lounge on the sofa. The usual is Friends, The Simpsons, Bob’s Burgers, Black-ish or something else I know will make me laugh. I can never get into the deep stuff on a Sunday morning because I’ll end up watching way too many episodes. Trash TV like The Bachelor or The Real Housewives is great to have in the background while online shopping, the drama is absolutely hilarious.

Because Sunday is the most relaxing day of the week, I like to treat myself to a mini spa day at home, usually with my little sister. We’ll start with face masks (this Detoxifying Charcoal Mud Mask is quite good), sometimes we make them from scratch using Manuka honey and Patchouli essential oil – it’s a simple and natural formula that’s really great for the skin. Or rubbing Aloe Vera Gel on my skin really helps it feel refreshed. That can be made using the plant at home too. Giving your skin a little boost is a great way to treat yourself, and it’s always affordable.

I’m really into Clarins’ skincare range at the moment, especially their Daily Energizer Cleansing Gel and Extra-Comfort Toning Lotion they both work wonders for the skin. And of course, I’m still using the dynamic duo from Tesco which were featured in this blog post.

My Sunday Self-Care Routine // Anika May // // @imanikamayContinuing with the self-care theme, I always re-paint my nails on Sundays. Always. It’s the day when I have the most amount of spare time, so I can actually paint them without having to do a bunch of tasks afterwards. I also like to wash my brushes on Sundays so I can start Monday off with clean makeup tools.

Next in my routine is good entertainment. This ranges from hysterically crying at archived Vines with my sister (seriously, if you don’t watch Vine compilations on YouTube… you need to) or reading my current book. At the moment I’m reading Still Me by Jojo Moyes and I’m loving every minute of it. Louisa in New York is the Louisa I never knew I needed. Let me know your favourite book in the comments!

On Sundays, I like to keep things slow, so there’s no chaos from work, I don’t answer blogging emails, and I try not to spend too much time of social media. I treat Sundays almost like a social media detox, living in the real world for a little bit so I can start the new week refreshed.

My Sunday Self-Care Routine // Anika May // // @imanikamayAlthough browsing Instagram is fun, it does get a little draining so there’s no point wasting my day of freedom glued to my phone. On the occasional Sunday, I’ll write a blogpost but that’s only if I’m really, really, really inspired to do so. Otherwise I just add it to an ideas list.

Junk food is a must on Sundays. Or at least a lot of food if it’s healthy. Sunday is my cheat day, but I like to go all out. As it’s likely I’ll be lounging around for the day, I don’t need to tuck into a salad when I can have a giant bowl of pasta instead. It’s just logic. The more pasta, the better.

The final part of my Sunday routine is family time. My family consists of my mum, my sister and me; and we’re one crazy trio. There are times where we can laugh at one single thing until the early hours of the morning. At the moment, after we finish studying or Bible reading together, we play Heads Up! This game is SO MUCH FUN and a really great way to bring characters out of their shell. I’m a shy person, but once the competitive spirit gets going and you’re working against the clock, you’ll do anything to win. The game is by Ellen DeGeneres and she often plays it on her show (check it out here).

My self-care routine consists of hilarious TV, junk food, a mini spa-day, good old entertainment and family time. All my favourite things rolled into one day.

Happy Sunday!

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