How an Afternoon in the Sun Brightened My Weekend

Afternoon in the Sun | Anika May | sun is a magical, magical thing. Yesterday I decided to grab my little sister, throw a blanket in the back garden and enjoy the sunshine. If you follow me on Instagram, you probably spotted a couple of snaps on my story, but if not well… maybe next time!

Sister bonding time

My sister and I spend as much time as possible together, simply because we’re so close and get on well. But most of the time, our bonding session include binge-watching a TV show, a mini dance party or just laying somewhere on our phones. This weekend we got to actually catch up on our busy lives and hysterically laughed at dad jokes on the internet until we cried. It was great to relax and enjoy the sunshine with one of my favourite people.

Afternoon in the Sun | Anika May | D

I did a little research via Medical News Today and found the following benefits of vitamin D:

• It’s healthy for the bones, regulating calcium and maintaining phosphorus
• It reduces the risk of flu, something I intend on avoiding
• It reduces the risk of diabetes including type 2, which is something my mum suffers with.
• It can reduce cancer progression and even prevent the disease by regulating cell growth.

Afternoon in the Sun | Anika May |

Natural surroundings

There’s something about nature that just makes everything better. As humans, we’re supposed to enjoy the best that nature can offer and it’s something that naturally eases the mind and cures ailments. I wrote a post about being in nature previously and it’s still my go-to when it comes to escaping the real world.

Weekend vibes

Weekend vibes are so real, and they feel even more real when you do something with you time. There have been plenty of weekends, where I have simply sat inside on Sims or spent a bunch of time lounging around the house and by Sunday evening I feel like my time has been wasted. Spending the weekend doing something I thoroughly enjoy, with a good mood and even better surroundings, the weekend vibes kick in and I feel buzzed for the upcoming week.

Afternoon in the Sun | Anika May | up on reading

I started Still Me by Jojo Moyes around three weeks ago but never got the chance to get stuck in! There’s nothing more frustrating than abandoning a book, so I dedicated this sunny afternoon to getting ahead and reading about one of my all-time favourite fictional characters. Louisa is the human form of sunshine so there wasn’t a better book to enjoy while I soak in the rays. Although I haven’t finished the book, I’m fully hooked again and can’t wait to see how the story in NYC unfolds. Then I can move onto my next book and let the obsession take over.

Fresh country air

My favourite thing about living in Yorkshire is the countryside air. It’s something I notice immediately when I travel between cities: the air is thicker and heavy, whereas at home it’s fresh and light. I love being able to sit out, with the only sounds being lambs baaing and birds whistling away. It’s peaceful, relaxing and makes me love Yorkshire more and more each second.

Appreciation for all things summer

It’s been a hot minute since we’ve enjoyed summer in the UK. Winter lasted for about six months and was one of the coldest I’ve ever experienced. In all honesty, it was absolutely miserable, I spent most of it wrapped in a blanket. An afternoon in the spring sunshine got me all excited for what’s to come this summer and I think it’s going to be the best one yet. Hopefully the weather is on our side.

Afternoon in the Sun | Anika May | worries, no anxiety

A lack of the sunshine vitamin is linked to depression, PTSD and anxiety. Being in the sun today was more beneficial than anxiety medication I’ve tried in the past, and the feel of the heat on my skin just caused my worries to temporarily fade away. Knowing that spending time in the rays is so helpful for anxiety, I am determined to take an extra evening off to relax and soak it all in. Even after heading inside, I feel great!

Spring is finally here! 🌸