5 Reasons to Subscribe to Blogosphere Magazine

5 Reasons to Subscribe to Blogosphere Magazine | Anika May | Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger | anikamay.co.ukBlogosphere Magazine is a publication for bloggers, by bloggers. It’s a magazine that is full of inspiration, tips and tricks and interviews from established and newbie bloggers, with exceptional journalism and amazing photography.

It’s something I think all bloggers should know about, and have the opportunity to subscribe to, so I’m giving you five reasons why you should do exactly that.

01. It’s impartial and diverse. 

Representation is incredibly important when it comes to media. That’s why Black Panther is as successful as it is. I love the movie because of the thrilling plot, but more-so because there are women on the screen who are just like me. They have dark skin, curly hair and aren’t just there to be mocked for comedic effect. Blogosphere Magazine isn’t like many others today, which feature supermodels from all over the world and millionaires. Blogosphere highlights and celebrates bloggers, who come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colours. There are bloggers of different races, backgrounds, interests, abilities and skills. It doesn’t favour a certain types of person over another, which I think is a wonderful to see in 2018.

02.  It doesn’t hide the good stuff 

From time to time, I come across tips and tricks articles on how to do one thing or another. A lot of the time, when reading through, I feel like the author is keeping something from me. Like they don’t really want me to know how to succeed in the best way, they’re just providing a quick piece of advice, keeping all the goods for themselves. Blogosphere does the complete opposite. The magazine, its editors, contributors and writers are completely honest, and you pick up on that the minute you start reading. Blogosphere has provided me with some amazing advice and real tips to help me and other creators improve their blogs. Everything from affiliate links and schemes to communicating with brands and other bloggers.

5 Reasons to Subscribe to Blogosphere Magazine | Anika May | Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger | anikamay.co.uk

03. It’s full of variety… like, a lot

I don’t mean this lightly. The magazine is ENORMOUS. There are more than 150 pages. Every single issue is packed from page to page with fabulous information and articles. The latest issue, features blogger babe, Lydia Elise Millen and she shares her take on internet hate, social media and her life as a blogger. There are contributors who share their favourite blogs from each category. Fashion, beauty, parenting, photography, lifestyle – you name it, and it’s in there. The creators featured on the cover every season is varied too. It’s a magazine you don’t get bored reading. I adore the glossy mags but probably spent about twenty minutes actually reading anything, the rest is just flicking through countless adverts and glancing at clothing I have no intention of buying. Then I feel like I’ve wasted my money on a bunch of adverts and short articles. Blogosphere is worth every penny.

04. It helps you to feel in-touch 

I’m a blogger than doesn’t really know any other blogger on a personal level. There are plenty of wonderful people I interact with online on a regular basis, but other than that, I don’t often see bloggers in everyday life. One of the reasons for this is because I’m very shy, but I also live outside of London, so it’s easy to feel a little left out of the circle. London is the city for business and media, but it’s just not the city I want to live in. Blogosphere Magazine gives me that little taste of the London life, but also keeps me informed with what’s going on with the blogging community. I don’t read it and feel down because I live outside the capital. In fact, I read the magazine and feel more in touch with bloggers and the industry than ever before. And it’s such a wonderful feeling to read a magazine and feel that way. It’s a warm and inviting publication, for everyone to love.

5 Reasons to Subscribe to Blogosphere Magazine | Anika May | Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger | anikamay.co.uk
05. The inspo is everything 

Social media is great for a bit of inspiration now and then, but it’s hard to get a real feel for something from a picture. I can browse my favourite bloggers’ Instagram pages all day, but it doesn’t really give me much insight into their outlook, their motivation and their challenges. Blogosphere provides that insight, and that in turn gives me motivation to continue doing what I love. One of the reason I think YouTubers are so successful is because we’re given a little window into the real life of those we follow – they become relatable. The interviews and editors pages are not only entertaining, but really inspiring. Seeing other bloggers reach new heights, and being able to watch this wonderful community is heart-warming. Quite a few of my blogposts are inspired by things I’ve read in Blogosphere Magazine, and it motivates me to work even harder to create the best content I can!


Narrowing hundreds of reasons down to five was a challenge, but I managed it. It’s one of those publications that I’ll treasure for a long time, and will have a huge impact on my blogging career. So my next two goals are set, reach 1,000 followers on Instagram and be featured in Blogosphere Magazine!