3 Awesome Holiday Ideas For Vista Vultures

For some people, the idea of venturing into some sort of man-made holiday complex completely walled in and isolated from the outside world is actually heaven. For others, it sounds like hell on Earth. Sure, you might be floating on the wave of luxury sipping sangria cocktails and soaking up the sun’s rays, but you could be anywhere on Earth. For vista vultures, a holiday relies upon the backdrop and the scenery. They want to see spectacular seascapes, awesome mountain views and stunning skylines. They don’t want to be caged in a holiday complex, they want to be free to explore, to immerse themselves in the heart of new communities and to enjoy everything that a new destination has to offer. Take a look at these three awesome holiday ideas for vista vultures.


If you fancy taking a jaunt to the Land of the Rising Sun, you will be greeted by a stunning backdrop of temples, forests, seascapes and cities. A country of contrasts, Japan is perfect for the holidaymaker who wants to experience a completely different way of life. Stay in a ryokan or two, and you can partake in a tea ceremony, enjoy wearing the traditional Japanese kimono and follow in the footsteps of the geisha in Kyoto. For colour enthusiasts, the finest seasons to visit are spring when the pink hues of the cherry blossom appear and autumn when the foliage turns a deeper shade of red, orange and burnt ember. You could venture to the magical island of Miyajima and locate the floating shrine – perfect for the budding photographer.

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A tiny island in the middle of the Mediterranean, Malta is often overlooked by the tourist for a Canary island or a Balearic, but this holiday destination has a lot to offer the vista vulture. Tailored photography holidays on the island mean that those tourists who want to take home their very own image of their favourite vista can do so with expert tuition. From the terracotta houses to the whitewash bell towers and from the views towards Gozo to the rugged Maltese coastline, there is a vista to please everyone.

Anika May | What Goes Around Comes Around | Fashion OOTD | anikamay.co.uk

The land of fire and ice has an abundance of awesome backdrops to enjoy. You could marvel at the Northern Lights, have your breath taken away by the powerful and majestic Gullfoss Waterfall or enjoy the volcanic landscape to the east of the island. Surrounded by Arctic waters, Iceland allows those aesthetic hunters to enjoy a wide range of vistas on their travels. You may want to venture to Reykjavik to scale the tower of the modernist cathedral to enjoy the finest view on the island over the capital city and out to sea.


The world is too beautiful a place to surrender to a package holiday complete with generic pool complex, the most un-authentic cuisine, cheesy cabaret entertainment and viewless vista. Make it your mission to forego the alluring all-inclusive and hotfoot it to some of the most spectacular vistas on Earth.