Capturing Summer Memories

Capturing Summer Memories | CaseApp Review | Anika May – Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger |


Looking back on old photos and memories is one of my favourite things to do.

The best thing about social media throwbacks is how hilariously embarrassing I was as a young teen, and the fact that my friends were even worse. The laughter that comes from hours of watching old videos and mocking cringe-worthy selfies is absolutely priceless. My aim this summer, is to capture the best memories for my little friendship group to look back on when the years pass by.

I also love looking back at old photos with my family. As it’s always kind of been my mum, my sister and myself, it’s so funny looking at the three of us trying to manage life and wearing the foulest outfits through the years. I’m always secretly recording my sister to show her in a few months!

I have a Pinterest board dedicated to the warm and happy feeling summer gives, and I’m determined to secure some IG-worthy snaps during the best season of the year. 



This summer in particular, is going to be a good one. I’m going into the season with a positive mind-set, the best group of friends and a new phone with a plenty of space. With any new phone, comes a new case and CaseApp were happy to provide me with two cases to protect my baby this summer! 

CaseApp has been featured on this blog a whole bunch of times and I’m so happy to be working with them again. I’m quite the geek when it comes to technology gadgets, and I like to have cases that match my mood. To me, phone cases are kind of like outfits – they have to have the right vibe otherwise I’m not really feeling them. The cases I chose for this summer in particular are the classic marble and the pink and gold designs. Although you kind create your own custom case, I’m way too indecisive and chose to go with their own designs. I’ve currently had this iPhone for two months and already broken three screen protectors so we’re not off to the best start but now that I have cases hopefully it’ll be a little more protected!

This summer, I really wanted capture as many memories as possible (as well as create some fun stories for Instagram) and now I have the phone to do that. Plus, I can look stylish while doing it which is always a bonus. With plans of travelling, photography challenges and fun family time – I think Summer 2018 is going to be the best one yet.


PS: if there’s anyone out there that has a rose gold phone like me, the pink and gold CaseApp case matches it perfectly!