Holidaying In The UK Is Better Than It Seems


There has been much conversation in recent years about the idea of holidaying at home in the UK.

Although not everyone will want to do this, and a lot of people will always prefer to go abroad for their holidays, the truth is that there is much to be said for holidaying in the UK as a British resident. For a start, it’s a beautiful country, and there is so much to see even on this small group of Isles which you might never have seen before. But it’s also true that you can expect to be surprised by the sheer variation of it, and that is something which is absolutely going to be one of the major selling points. In this post, we are going to look at how you can rock this kind of holiday, and how you can make sure to make the most of it. Holidaying at home turns out to be truly fantastic. 


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Save Money

One of the benefits of holidaying in the UK is that you will almost certainly save money compared to a holiday abroad. No flights means that you have already saved a lot of money, but it goes far beyond that. You will also find that there are plenty of easy and effective ways to continue to save more and more money as you travel around the UK, and that is worth looking into as well. If you use some online Travelodge discount codes, you will be able to stay pretty much anywhere in the UK at a very low cost, so you don’t’ have to worry about that. What’s more, because you are not in your abroad mode, you will find that you don’t spend anywhere near as much money on impulse buys as you would in other countries. All of this effectively means that holidaying at home is hugely beneficial for the wallet.


The Happy List | Anika May | Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger |


Explore New Places

We often forget just how much there is to see in the UK. whether you want a city break or to lose yourself out in the countryside, these four or five countries have so much to offer that you will really very rarely need to go abroad at all. It’s a good idea to try and explore a little, and bear in mind that you should take this as an opportunity to go and see parts of the UK you normally wouldn’t see. If you are a Scotland resident, consider a trip down to London or to the Peak District. If you’re in Surrey, go and see Wales. There is so much variation and beauty to discover in the UK, so you should never worry about being at a loss for places to go and things to do. 


The Happy List | Anika May | Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger |


Take Your Time

 Because it will generally be cheaper and easier, you can expect to spend more time holidaying than you normally would when abroad. If possible, you should consider taking a good three or four weeks off, so that you can really spend a decent amount of time on your holidays. That way you could also possibly go and see a number of different places around the UK, which can itself be something of a pretty exciting tour.