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Slay Girl Fashion | My Top Five Favourites by Anika May | Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger |

Is there anything more exciting that finding a new online boutique to obsess over?

 I very rarely shop in-store nowadays, I like the idea of being able to shop with a tub of ice cream in my hand and you just can’t do that in regular stores. Over time, a lot more of my items have been from online stores like ASOS, Missguided, Pretty Little Thing and Boohoo. However, they’re really big companies now and I still like the idea of a small boutique that sells the most stylish of pieces.


Slay Girl Fashion is one of those online businesses that develops its designs based on some of the biggest styles with the addition of a positive outlook and an empowering mission. I challenged myself to find my top five favourite items from their collection (it’s not as easy as it sounds) and I’m sharing them today!

1. Angelica Faux Sheepskin Jacket

I love an affordable faux jacket. The trend of these kind of teddy bear jackets arose last winter and I never got to hop on the hype. They look so ridiculously cosy, I had to put this jacket right at the top of my wishlist. When I order from Slay Girl, this jacket will be the first thing in the basket. I like that there a couple of colour options available, but the light brown jacket is my favourite. Jackets like this get me really excited for winter, but I’m not wishing away the sunshine just yet.

2. Blake Floral High Neck Dress

It’s no secret that I’m an enormous dress fan, I absolutely adore them, the more the better. The element that drew me to this dress was the gorgeous blue colour. Like the jacket, there are a couple of colour options but this shade of blue is gorgeous! I don’t have a dress in this colour, so it’s definitely something I want to try. I like the addition of the high neck and belt, it makes this dress perfect for an evening out – I’d pair it with a top knot bun too. 

3. Leah Faux Leather Shorts

Just look at these shorts! I’m not a shorts girl at all. The only shorts ever featured on my blog were part of a playsuit, and even then I don’t wear it much. These shorts are faux leather and look so comfortable, I can’t believe I’ve never seen a style like this before. I like the oversized look, and the belt with flared legs emphasise a smaller waist which is always a plus. If there’s a pair of shorts I want to try this summer, it’s this sort of style.

4. Boho Off Shoulder Floral Maxi Dress

Whenever I see the phrase ‘maxi dress’, I immediately think 2009 + neon everything + gladiator sandals. Although it was a cute look back then, it still haunts me now and I have steered away from maxi dresses for a long time. I’m all about the midi now, but when I saw this dress on Slay Girl it managed to slip into the top five. I love the patterns and off-shoulder look, but also the wrap dress look that adds a little something to the outfit, rather than it looking like you’ve just thrown on a bedsheet. 

5. Skylar Pearl Skinny Jeans

I have wanted to expand my jean collection for a long time. Kristin Johns, one of my favourite YouTubers has the most awesome collection of jeans, including an embroidered pair and a pearl pair like this one. The “jeans and a nice top” look is a great one, but imagine “pearly jeans and a nice top” – it’s just something extra to the outfit. I would love to rock a pair of jeans like this, because they look stylish without trying, and that’s my favourite type of fashion. 


What’s your favourite look? And have you ever shopped with Slay Girl before?