Capturing Everything

Capturing Everything | Gallery by Anika May |

I happen to be one of those humans who likes to take photos of anything and everything. Blue sky? Snap it. Nice building? Snap it. Friends laughing? Snap it.

Stay Golden | Photography by Anika May |

Stay Golden | Photography by Anika May |

My favourite thing to photograph is nature, because it’s a beautiful gift that has always been there and will never fail to make me smile. I naturally feel happier and more at peace when I’m outdoors and I really want to expand my camera kit and shoot more for the blog. The first thing on my list is the Olympus PEN E-PL8 because it seems like to perfect compact to travel with. I would love a camera I can carry everywhere. Although my phone takes amazing photos, it has nothing on the DSLRs, so the PEN would suit me perfectly.

Today’s gallery was shot on the Pentax K-S2 which is still the best digital I’ve used to this day. I love my Canons, but the Pentax captures colour like no other. In fact, I have a full wishlist of camera equipment I’m desperate to buy!

My cousin, Mavic Ash, just created a YouTube channel to show off some of his DJI Mavic Air shots and I’m ridiculously jealous. Please subscribe if you have a moment, each video is better than the last!

Cameras make me so happy because they give us the ability to capture everything and share it with the world. I hope you like the photos!

My Dream Camera Kit