12 Boohoo Finds I’m Loving This Month

Boohoo is one of those brands that I have grown to love. For me, they’ve always kind of been there, but I was never a big shopper because there are so many online stores to choose from. All it took was a couple of sales and a few purchases to realise I actually really like this fashion-forward brand and their incredibly wide range of clothing. Nowadays, Boohoo is one of the first brands I look to when I need to shop online – they’re affordable, produce clothing that suits my style and always have discount codes, what’s not to love?

12 Boohoo Finds I’m Loving This Month | Fashion Wishlist by Anika May | anikamay.co.uk

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I’ve seen a couple of reports of the last few weeks that have suggested animal print is coming back into fashion, and I think this time around I might just hop onto the trend. I’m not a big animal print lover, but there are some of my favourite Instagrammers (eg. Lauren Elizabeth) that rocks the print on the regular. Leopard print in particular comes with its own set of does and don’ts, but I’m living for the Satin Tie Front shirt Boohoo came up with. An easy one to get started with! I also think the Snake Print Smock Dress is the perfect item for me to try out animal print. The sizing and style already suits my taste, it’s just a new print to add to the wardrobe.

I have a real soft spot for anything cropped. I think they can completely change a silhouette, and create a waistline that may not even exist. It’s pretty much magic. The Super Cropped Black Jacket and Cropped Cord Yellow Jacket made it into today’s favourite finds because they look so chic! I mean, black always looks chic but I’ve never worn a yellow of this shade before and one look helped me to decide it needs to be added to my basket ASAP.

Believe it or not, I’ve never owned a teddy coat. They were everywhere last year and I desperately wanted one but never got around to buying one. The Faux Fur Aviator Boohoo has is not only the loveliest colour but also looks really cosy. Autumn’s on the way and I think this coat is going to be an essential.

Another trend I spotted throughout the September magazine issues and in Boohoo’s New In selection was the check or tartan print. If that doesn’t scream autumn, I don’t know what does. For me, tartan gives me September vibes and reminds me so much of going to school. It’s a classic scholar print and I can’t wait to wear more of the pattern in the new season.

There’s so many new ranges for autumn, my bank account is going to hate me.