The Pressure for Quantity vs the Desire for Quality


The Pressure for Quantity vs the Desire for Quality | Lifestyle Post by Anika May |

I’m always trying to keep up with the blogging world. As the industry expand it becomes more and more difficult to keep up and stay seen. I struggle with comparison all the time and try really hard not to do it but it just seems to be a habit that creeps back every so often. Everyone wants to stand out, including myself, but I have also learned the importance of creating quality content of countless content.

Churning out a bunch of blog posts that no one will be interested in and I’m not even passionate about is pointless. As I creator, I often feel like the best way to keep up with the industry is to publish as much as possible, no matter how good it was – and that got me nowhere. In fact, I saw a decrease in engagement and followers, and became disinterested myself. 

I think it’s really common for people to beat themselves up about not feeling inspired. As a blogger, I get irritated when I run out of post ideas or photography locations and start to stress about the time period between new posts. Although it’s important to be dedicated to your blog, keep up to some kind of schedule and continue to work hard, it’s also essential not to let that pressure become a burden and then detrimental. 

It’s okay not to be inspired that day or that week or even that month. It’s okay to take breaks, it’s okay to tap out for a while and return feel refreshed. It’s much better to do this, being completely transparent and honest, rather create out together a quickie blog post that hasn’t been spell checked and basically consists of nothing. 

I guess what I’m trying to say, is that blogging shouldn’t be a robotic hobby that totally consumes every aspect of life. It’s a choice, and although comes with some planning and scheduling, should be fun and something to look forward to. Creating content is something that is full of joy and new experiences, not burdens and dread. 

The Pressure for Quantity vs the Desire for Quality | Lifestyle Post by Anika May |

There are plenty of times where I’ve started a blog post and never finished it. That’s because I forced myself to start something I wasn’t passionate about in the first place. I either tried to be something I’m certainly not, or worried about readers losing interest and wanted to keep the site alive. 

Instead of worrying about that, I could have put all my zeal into an amazing post and be proud to publish it! 

I truly believe in the idea of quality over quantity for two main reasons: 

Too much posting actually puts me off a little

I lose interest when I can tell the creator isn’t even interested

What’s your take on this idea?