Welcome to My Day Job

Welcome to My Day Job | Lifestyle post by Anika May | anikamay.co.uk | #girlboss, #dayjob, #worklife

If you’re a long-time blog reader, you’ll know that I work part-time and blog part-time. At the moment, I’ve managed to get the balance just right, so I decided it’s time to introduce my day job to my blog. I’m always talking about how busy I am, and that’s mainly because of my crazy office job that keeps me on my toes. 

I work for an amazing charity, Clothing Solutions for Disabled People, a project which aims to both understand and meet the clothing needs of disabled people. Clothing Solutions is a unique service that alters and creates bespoke clothing for disabled people to create a better quality of life. The charity offers information, advice and a garment production/alteration service. We can offer solutions to most clothing and dressing issues whether concerning, shape, size, proportion, access and fastenings, fabric technology and care.

We offer a comprehensive clothing service to people who, for reasons of shape, size, proportion, mobility difficulties or learning disabilities, find it difficult to source appropriate and affordable clothing from retail outlets. Our made to measure garments or alterations to an existing garment aim to meet the specific needs of the individual.

As a fashion blogger, I’m passionate about style and clothing, but I also think everyone should have access to clothes they love and feel confident in. Every person should have the opportunity to own at least one piece of clothing they feel elated wearing. That’s why Clothing Solutions is here. A lot of people don’t think about access to clothing for disabled people until they’re in a situation that means they can’t just stroll into a high street store and buy the first thing they see, because it won’t be easy to put on, and won’t be comfortable to wear. 

Welcome to My Day Job | Lifestyle post by Anika May | anikamay.co.uk | #girlboss, #dayjob, #worklife

Welcome to My Day Job | Lifestyle post by Anika May | anikamay.co.uk | #girlboss, #dayjob, #worklife

For some disabled people, normal daily dressing becomes a difficult and tiring task and even with assistance can take a great deal of time each day. Our alteration work or specialist design capabilities help these individuals by providing solutions to these daily problems. Ill-fitting garments just draw attention to physical differences, when every single being should be happy with the skin (and clothing) they’re in. 

Clothing Solutions also created a line of beanbags which have become extremely popular among the NHS, physio-therapists and new mummies. They are created with a unique breathable waterproof liner and washable, removable covers, so our beanbags are helpful and effective. For over ten years, Beaneezy beanbags have been a favourite for our customers and clients. 

Welcome to My Day Job | Lifestyle post by Anika May | anikamay.co.uk | #girlboss, #dayjob, #worklife

So what do I do? Well basically anything that involves a computer. Admin, marketing, invoices, photography and everything in between. I’m typing, clicking and calling all day long to keep this incredible service going, along with an amazing team of accountants, trustees, fundraisers and clothing technicians. My mum manages the charity, and I started working in the office as work experience and just kept going. My mum’s quite the woman herself – she’s a fashion design, pattern-cutter and all-round genius behind the charity; she is the backbone behind the whole operation. However, I’m learning the basics when it comes to sewing and already enjoying a couple of projects for myself. Now I can make clothing for myself and others!

Clothing Solutions does not receive any form of government funding, so we rely fully on the support of other trusts and our own fundraising efforts. Sure, it’s very hard work, but so rewarding. Every customer is exhilarated and overjoyed with their bespoke garment because they finally has something that’s easy to wear and fits just right. Seeing the happiness on the faces of others is what makes each working day worth the effort, and it’s so exciting to see our little charity making a different across the UK. 

We struggle from time to time (sadly money doesn’t grow on trees), but our tight-knit team loves every day. We give hundreds of people the opportunity to fit bespoke, comfortable and stylish clothing, designed just for them. We’re one of the only charities in the world that creates such complex and creative designs, and we’re hoping to grow and bring joy to even more soon.

Welcome to My Day Job | Lifestyle post by Anika May | anikamay.co.uk | #girlboss, #dayjob, #worklife

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