7 Plans for My Future Blogging Career

7 Plans for My Future Blogging Career | Lifestyle post by Anika May | anikamay.co.uk

I’m naturally a very ambitious person. It definitely came in handy at school, and drives me to work hard in everyday life now. I like to look ahead to the future, and I’m a big planner, so I think it’s nice to have something to look forward to. In a dream world, I will be earning a living from taking photos, producing content and creatively writing while still working with my mum to support her charity and having the ability to prioritise different things in my life. I think everyone dreams of being financially comfortable, and I think it’s nice to have but I don’t spend all day thinking about earning money, I like to focus on other things.

Plan 01 – Develop my photography skills

Photography is the big love in my life. I feel most comfortable when I’m holding a camera, even though I spend a significant amount of time in front of it. I try to incorporate parts of my nature and landscape photography in my blog posts and I like to share galleries, full of images I have taken in one sitting. I live in a really photogenic part of the UK and I want to take full advantage! Nature is my absolute favourite thing to photograph because I’m surrounded by it all the time and appreciate the beauty the world offers.

I would say I’m at the beginner level with photography because there’s so much to learn and I don’t think Countryfile are ready to hire me right now. But, I still hope to get much better, try new techniques and love it even more.

7 Plans for My Future Blogging Career | Lifestyle post by Anika May | anikamay.co.uk

Plan 02 – Travel the world

It’s no secret that bloggers and influencers are often treated to lavish trips around the world. And while I don’t expected to be whisked off to Bora Bora next month, I still have a goal of travelling and seeing as much of the world as possible. Blogging brings those opportunities, but I’m also hoping my natural ambition will shove me to be a little more spontaneous and just book a ticket somewhere.

I can be so obsessed with planning, I forget to actually follow the plan.

There are so many different destinations I’m ready to visit. I’ve never been outside of Europe so I think that would be my first goal. I’d love to road trip around the USA and take photos in some of the most iconic cities in the world.


Plan 03 – Take more risks and appreciate the rewards

I have a tendency to play it safe when it comes to my blog. Just about everything you see is based on my own idea, but I sometimes fear going too far out of the box in terms of blog posts or photos just in case I receive the slightest bit of backlash.

I’ve received the tiniest bit of negativity online, most of it is just spam. People I know IRL tend to be very judgemental about my blog. My family and close friends are supportive of course, but there are toxic people in the world who look for any means to discourage. It’s not always easy to ignore, sometimes the easier option is to shrink away and go with what will please everyone.

But I’m hoping, as my blogging career grows, I’ll take more risks with my content, photos, and style of writing, and receive some positive feedback in return. My confidence with blogging will grow too!

7 Plans for My Future Blogging Career | Lifestyle post by Anika May | anikamay.co.uk

Plan 04 – Improve my writing

Before I dreamt of being a fashion designer, a doctor, a cat lady and a superhero, I dreamt of being an author. Today, I wouldn’t be opposed to creating a novel of my own (since I read so many books), but I still have a real passion for writing – fact or fiction. I like to journal, write down my feelings, hopes and dreams; and I like to write quotes or make up short stories and jot them down.

I often think like I’m writing a book or a blog post, and ideas are constantly flying around in my head. But I think it takes skill, time and experience to become a really successful writer, and it’s something I want to work towards. I really like the idea of people visiting my blog because they like my style of writing. I’m not searching for an enormous career like J.K. Rowling, and I didn’t go to university but I still believe you can advance just from working hard at home.


Plan 05 – Work on a lifestyle campaign

One of the fun things about blogging is being able to work with different brands, and in my case, I have worked with quite a few that I really look up to. Not all collaborations are paid, but what I really like are new challenges are working with professionals all over the world. It’s exciting to feel connected to stores I visit on a regular basis, but on a different level. It makes me feel all successful.

With fashion/lifestyle brands and products in particular, it’s really fun working on photography concepts and blog post ideas – trying my best to come up with something new. I’d love to work on a campaign with a brand I’m obsessed with and feel extremely proud of the end result.

7 Plans for My Future Blogging Career | Lifestyle post by Anika May | anikamay.co.uk

Plan 06 – Review best-sellers and new releases

I have recently started including more book-related blog posts  on here, because my love and appreciation for reading has come back better than ever. The list of books I’m yet to read is ever-growing. At first, I never understood why people still buy books if they have some at home to read but now I totally and completely get it. Something just tells you, you need this. Buy it.

Anyway, sometimes it can be really difficult to get my hands on a book, especially the new releases. Some books released this year aren’t available to buy on Amazon until 2020 and anywhere else is too expensive.  I’d love to be at a point in my blogger career, where I have a good relationship with a publisher and receive a copy of a new release as soon as it’s available. Not just for me, but for the blog.


Plan 07 – Guest photograph for nature and adventure accounts I look up to

I follow a lot of photography accounts on Instagram. I think that’s one of the reasons I’m trying to up my game, the competition isn’t toxic, it motivates me improve my own skills and makes me want to try harder to succeed.

I’m a little obsessed with certain nature/adventure accounts like Nat Geo, Canon UK, A Game of Tones, MoodyGrams, and EarthPix to name a few. They’re major accounts that share some stunning photography and I’d like to be feature-worthy one day. It a good goal to look to because it pushes me to experiment more and travel a little further out of my comfort zone to get the photos I dream of.


What are your plans for your future career?