New in From Nip + Fab

New in From Nip + Fab | Glycolic Fix Cream + Pads Review | Anika May |

Fun fact about me: I love finding new things to buy on Amazon. It’s easily one of my favourite places to get items from the comfort of my own home. Need a new book? Amazon. Need a new charger? Amazon. Want a random piece of décor? Amazon. Searching for skincare at a decent price? Amazon. It’s just easy.

During one of my Amazon browsing sprees, I stumbled across Nip + Fab. I have previously heard about their Glycolic Acid range from some of my favourite beauty bloggers, but never tried anything myself. When it comes to my skin, it’s pretty combo. Some days, it’s dryer than the Sahara, other days there’s enough oil for deep frying. I also have a couple of acne scars here and there, and I’ve read glycolic acid can improve the appearance of your skin.

So when I saw my order qualified for free delivery, there really wasn’t much more thinking to do.

I got the Glycolic Fix Body Cream and Glycolic Fix Extreme Night Pads so I could try two different products at different times of the day. So let’s discuss the pros, cons and in-betweens of the two.

New in From Nip + Fab | Glycolic Fix Cream + Pads Review | Anika May |

This cream is perfect for oily skin, and has lactic acids to naturally exfoliate and retexture. I used this on my body mainly, as the skin on my face is a lot more sensitive and I wanted to see if this would make a difference on my arms, legs and so on.

The one thing I like about this cream is that it’s really light on the skin. It does feel oily, and takes a while to be absorbed, but you also need a small amount because it’s so spreadable. I’m not if people use “spreadable” to talk about anything other than butter but we’re sticking with it. It’s not so oily it clashes with oily skin.

The cream does have an “acid-y” scent, but it’s not so overbearing that it becomes nauseating. It has exfoliating properties but doesn’t have any beads or flakes that feel like they’re ripping apart and damaging your skin. Fortunately, it’s really very smooth and does make a different to the texture of my skin.

I didn’t notice any particular brightening, but my skin did react well to the smoothing qualities it has. This cream + freshly shaved legs = awesomeness. I’d say you get a pretty good amount of the price, and you don’t feel like you need to “top up” on moisturiser once this is applied. Unless you have exceptionally dry skin that just eats up creams, this keeps your moisturised for a good 24 hours.

New in From Nip + Fab | Glycolic Fix Cream + Pads Review | Anika May |

So these pads are super strength in terms of the acids in them. It’s 5% glycolic acid, and then made up of salicylic and lactic acid which unclogs and freshens. Most of my skincare routine is done at the end of the day, so I thought the pads would make a perfect add-on.

You get 60 in a pot, and they’re super thin. As in, I find myself picking up two or three at a time because they stick together. Like the cream, the pads have a bit of an “acid-y” scent but it’s more citrus than anything else.

New in From Nip + Fab | Glycolic Fix Cream + Pads Review | Anika May |

They basically look like the cotton pads you use to take off nail polish, but damp. That’s the best way to describe it. There are no beads but the pads are ~slightly~ textured but incredibly soft against your skin. There’s nothing I hate more than feeling like I’m tearing my skin apart, so the pads were a delight.

The liquid-soaked cushions are easily to glide across your skin, and come with plenty of product on, so you can get away with using one a day. I’ll be honest, in the beginning I felt a slight tingle from the product, not as far as a painful sting but something. Over time, I’m gonna assume my skin got used to it because now I don’t feel any discomfort.

The product does sit on your skin for a while before being absorbed, but I would still recommend this to anyone who has congested skin. It’s one of the last products I use at night, and a really simple part of the routine.

When it comes to a difference in my skin, I have noticed a slight fading of scars. My diet and water intake has also changed largely over the past few weeks so I’m hoping they all contribute to create success.

New in From Nip + Fab | Glycolic Fix Cream + Pads Review | Anika May |

Would I repurchase?

Yes… but only if I needed them. Since I’ve stopped using the product, my skin hasn’t gone back to breaking out and no more discolouring has appeared. So while I do believe these products definitely helped my skin and it’s glowy properties, I don’t need to rely on them every day to keep it that way. I did really like the products, so I would rebuy them on that basis but I don’t need them to survive. They’re an affordable addition to self-care Sundays, or could definitely be used for a spa day at home.

I’d definitely recommend these products to anyone with combo skin, looking to reduce the appearance of scars and restore some health to their skin.

Have you ever used anything from Nip + Fab?

New in From Nip + Fab | Glycolic Fix Cream + Pads Review | Anika May |