Positive Thoughts to Start the Day Right

Positive Thoughts to Start the Day Right | Lifestyle post by Anika May | anikamay.co.uk

There are many things I like to start the day with. A cup of ~Yorkshire~ tea, a good song, a tasty breakfast, and a positive thought. My entire day can depend on the mood I’m in when I wake up, and trying to motivate myself into a better one usually means a good start.

I’m not a morning person, so the positive vibes are especially needed on work days. Not that my day job isn’t awesome, but it’s good to have a happy mindset before tackling the challenge of running a charity. I actually tried being a morning person a couple of years ago but it’s just not the way I run. Instead, I have compromised and still woken up at the right time, but try to think of the positives rather than the fact that my bed is the best place on earth and I have to leave it.

One of the easiest way to motivate myself on a morning is to start it with a positive thought. Apparently it’s a way to trick your brain into being a happier person, and I’m all for that.

Positive Thoughts to Start the Day Right | Lifestyle post by Anika May | anikamay.co.uk

Every day may not be good but there’s good in every day.

There are some days that go wrong from the moment I open my eyes. You know the ones I mean. The day starts with a headache, you step on a plug getting out of bed and accidentally squirt toothpaste on the floor. There’s no milk left for a cuppa and the bread is out of date. The car is covered in a sheet of ice and the boiler is broken. I’m speaking from life experience here, and it’s soooooo easy to write the whole day off as a mess.

While I do get irritated when things go wrong, this quote reminds me that there is a little bit of good in this day, even if the whole 24 hours don’t feel like bliss. It also helps me to look out for the good bits of the day, rather than concentrate on everything that’s gone wrong. I may be out of milk, bruised and hungry, but there’s still plenty of time for a good experience to happen today.


I get to see another morning, be grateful.

Life is a precious thing. It’s fragile and complex, and thinking about it too much makes my head hurt. What I do know, is that it’s a miracle that I’m extremely grateful for, so I should try not to complain. Every single person on the planet lives a different life, which is fascinating in itself. I like to remind myself to be grateful for mine. Life as we know it in this world is short and getting to see another day is a privilege.

I don’t like the idea of living every day like it’s your last because that gets a bit morbid for me, so flipping it round and showing gratitude in the morning works a treat. It’s a great habit when it comes to being mindful too.

Positive Thoughts to Start the Day Right | Lifestyle post by Anika May | anikamay.co.uk

I will not stress over things I cannot control.

I’m a total stress head. I’m a worrier, a “panicker”, an anxious being. I know that’s part of my personality because I like to plan ahead and stick to routines, but sometimes my brain does overtime while I’m asleep and I wake up stressing about anything and everything. I once broke down in tears because it was raining outside and it didn’t forecast the change in weather beforehand.

Looking back, that was an absolute waste of time and totally pointless. That’s when I realised the importance of trying not to stress over things way out of my control. Telling myself this in the morning, sets me up for a productive day.


Give this day the best you’ve got.

This is my go-to phrase when I need a bit of motivation. It’s like a mantra I have to keep repeating in my head, to remind myself I have more to give. The memories of the good days become motivation for the bad ones. If Eye of the Tiger were a positive thought, it would be this one.

I like to think I know what I’m capable of, and that usually guides when it comes to knowing if I’m doing my best or not. On a morning, telling myself to do my best is like saying, “I know what you can do, and I’ve seen what you can do, so go do it”.

Positive Thoughts to Start the Day Right | Lifestyle post by Anika May | anikamay.co.uk

Today is for showing love, grace and kindness.

I mean, every day should be for showing these kind of qualities, but thinking this at the beginning of the day immediately sets you up for positivity. For some people, showing love, grace and kindness don’t come naturally. On bad days, it’s really difficult for me to be gracious but following this path always work out better.

There has never been a point in life when I have regretted showing kindness. I can say that with confidence. It’s something I have always associated with positivity, and trying to think and act with love always makes a day better.


Be patient with yourself today.

I’m my own worst enemy, and I think that’s the case for a lot of people. One of my friends is incredibly hard on herself for not always being at her best, and she usually has to remind her self not to be so tough, she’s only human. The truth is simple, we’re imperfect and we get things wrong. We miss the mark, fall short, and mess up. Does that mean we should go to bed upset and wake up angrier? Obviously not.

The day after a bad one shouldn’t be used to beat yourself up about the previous 24 hours. It should be used to learn from the experience and move on. To do that, you have to have patience and be forgiving of yourself.

Positive Thoughts to Start the Day Right | Lifestyle post by Anika May | anikamay.co.uk

It’s the best day of the year, treat yo’ self.

I love the treat yo’ self day! The exact date is October 13th every year, but sometimes I cheat and treat myself on a random day of the week and addition to self-care Sundays. I think this is a handy thought to bring in every now and then because it creates something to look forward to. For me, the day moves quicker and I’m much happier when I know there’s something waiting at the finish line.

Plus, I think it’s important to treat yourself to something a little special. It could be a cheeky Chinese (my personal favourite), or just an extra ten minutes in bed. Just something to lift your spirits into the positive cloud and enjoy the day.

What kind of positive thoughts do you think in the morning?