How to Get Out of Feeling Deflated and Defeated

Feeling Deflated and Defeated | Think Piece post by Anika May |

Sometimes I feel like giving up on my blog.

I start to overthink everything and the numbers get to my head. I’m tempted to quit and wipe every trace of my site because I don’t feel like I’m where I need to be. My focus shifts, and I feel discouraged. I struggle to keep up with the ever-changing industry, and wonder if it’s just not for me. Maybe I’m not cut out for the blogger life. 

This feeling occurs every so often, and this time, I decided to write down exactly what I’m thinking, and ways to pull myself out of this slump. 

I know why I’m feeling the way I am. I just posted a photo on Instagram and it’s not performing as well as I’d like. I know I’m not the only blogger that feels this way because my Twitter timeline is full of confused creators wondering why their posts only reach 10% of their followers. I don’t know what to think about the algorithm these days. I don’t know whether my content just isn’t good enough, or just isn’t being seen. 

Feeling Deflated and Defeated | Think Piece post by Anika May |

Another major factor for feeling defeated is comparison. It’s the ultimate thief of joy, and I hate that the concept even exists. I have curated my feed, so I only follow accounts I truly adore, but at the same time, the stunning photos that I take in every time I scroll are compared with the ones on my own profile. When I sense myself comparing too much, I know it’s time to log off. I once saw a Pinterest quote that said “someone else’s victory is not your defeat”, and that’s something I have to keep reminding myself. 

Just because one blogger has reached this goal, doesn’t make my achievements any less valid or significant. We all follow a path we carve out for ourselves in the blogger world, and spending all your time obsessing over someone else’s journey just means you aren’t focusing on your own. It’s much easier said than done though. Sometimes when you feel deflated, you feel deflated. 

I also deal with ridicule for owning a blog. For being a “wannabe”. My closest friends cheer me on, but there are also those who don’t, and mock my aspirations. Having someone constantly tell you that you’ll never make it isn’t fun in the slightest. While it’s important not to care about the opinions of others, sometimes they sneak into my mind and do actually get to me. I think it’s worse when it’s people you know. I don’t get hate online, but I find disagreements easier to deal with when the person doesn’t know me and I don’t know them. 

Feeling Deflated and Defeated | Think Piece post by Anika May |

Getting that burdening feeling usually means I’m on the edge of a slump. I’m feeling creatively drained and struggling to keep up. Add a bunch of successful people sharing their best moments on the internet doesn’t make me feel much better. I guess that’s what the downside of social media is – for me, anyway, that’s really the worse it gets. 

But there is a way to pull yourself out of the slump, get your mojo back, defeat the feeling of defeat. 

First thing I do is get away from whatever’s getting me down. It could be physical or digital – if it’s making me sad, it’s got to go. Not permanently, but away long enough for my self-esteem to recover. I find it easy to walk away from my phone when I need to, and I love a good self-care Sunday. 

Second, I need to remember why I started, why I love it, and why I want to continue. I started my blog as a university application project, while finding somewhere to creatively write and publish articles. Then I fell in love with the whole idea, the planning, the photography, the travelling, the writing, even the admin. I want to continue because it’s something I’m passionate about. I want to earn a living doing what I love, and I want to spend every day taking photos and writing posts. 

Feeling Deflated and Defeated | Think Piece post by Anika May |

Third, it’s time to find new inspo. Sometimes all it takes is a solo walk, I try to make my room a place of inspiration, so I feel motivated to work and create when I’m spending 90% of my time in there. My mum’s also a pretty creative person and an absolute master at pep talks so she’s a good’un when it comes to lifting me up. I love the feeling of being refreshed with new ideas, it makes seeing them through so much more fun

Finally, I get to plan. One of my favourite things to do. I get to sit at my desk, write how I’m feeling, and plans for the future. I can plan blog post ideas, schedule drafts and write out shooting locations. I actually want to tackle my inbox at this point. The idea of planning just adds to the inspiration for me. Makes me feel a little bit better about creating and the direction I’m heading in. 

From time to time, I do get really down about my blog. Numbers aren’t everything but they are noticeable. I wonder if I should stay in the game, or if the industry is just too saturated for someone like me to be noticed. But then I realign my focus. Remember that I, and every other blogger, fit exactly where we need to be, and will reach our goals when we need to. 

Ever felt like I do today?