10 Essential Reading Accessories for Every Bookworm

10 Essential Reading Accessories for Every Bookworm | Anika May | anikamay.co.uk

Being a bookworm is hard work. It takes dedication, concentration and plenty of time. It’s also really fun and a great way to learn something new. I absolutely love reading books, I think it’s easily one of my favourite hobbies, apart from blogging of course. My love for books took a front seat at the end of 2018 and now it’s all I think about. It takes quite a bit of effort to get to the full bookish standard, but I feel like I’m on my way there. As a book-loving blogger, here are a few reading accessories I have found essential over the past year. 


Bookmarks that make you feel happy 

Obvious one, but a total essential. I’m really picky when it comes to bookmarks, the same way I’m picking about what shoes I wear. They’re not just an accessory, there to look pretty. They also have to be functional, easy to use and long-lasting. You can only use a folded up sheet of paper for so long. Everyone has their own preference when it comes to bookmarks. I personally, love a card/paper one with a tassel so it’s easy to find. But they always drop out of my books if I’m not holding on tight enough and are easy to lose. The magnetic bookmarks are the biggest trend, because they’re easy, secure and small. They attach to any page but you have to make sure not to get one with a big of weight. If they’re too heavy, they’ll rip the page you’re reading. 


Blankets to keep you warm or relaxed 

Autumn is bookworm season. It’s the cosiest time of year, and it’s when all the homebodies feel at their happiest, myself included. If I’m at work during the colder months of the year, I spend most of the day dreaming about the hour I get to go home, curl up under and blanket and dig into a book. In all honesty, I’m a blanket fanatic all year round. Even in the height of summer, I’ll use a blanket to sit outside and enjoy my current read. Now when winter arrives, the heated blanket comes out and the game is over for everything else. That’s my best friend in the snow. 


Book lamps so you can read all night long 

There’s no way I’m the only person out there that is kept awake by the book they’re reading, right? A lot of people start a book at night to help them fall asleep. If I start a book in the evening and don’t stop before I go to bed, I’ll read through the entire night, or until my eyes are forced shut. That’s why I bought a book lamp (portable and standing) for the late night reads. You don’t want to be sat in bed with the big light on, burning a hole in your eye while it’s dark out. At the same time, if you share a bed, keeping your SO awake with bright lights is not the move. I find portable book lamps really useful for reading in the car at night, or somewhere with really bad lighting. It keeps the story going without causing inconvenience to anyone else. 

10 Essential Reading Accessories for Every Bookworm | Anika May | anikamay.co.uk

10 Essential Reading Accessories for Every Bookworm | Anika May | anikamay.co.uk

Book ends to keep everything in order 

I didn’t know book stands and ends where such a big deal until I started buying too many books with no where to put them. Shelf space opens up, but it’s nice to put on a pretty display when you’re decorating. In my room, there’s about 50 books on show, and putting them all in random stacks would just make the room look messy. Then I was welcomed into the world of book stands and interior design has changed forever. 


Headphones to mute the world 

The best part about getting into a new book is opening yourself up to a new world. The only problem is, it’s hard to get really stuck in a new world if the current world is full of distractions and noise. I always like to listen to music when I read, it’s non-negotiable. The softer the playlist, the happier and cosier I feel. For the best effect, I use headphones and completely switch off. That way, I can read for hours on end with no interruptions and unnecessary noise. 


A bag big enough for your current reads 

I carry a mini backpack for day-to-day accessories, and as much as I love it, the truth is: it’s not big enough for my books. Even just one book is a bit of a squeeze, and it’s difficult having to manoeuvre around it when I know there’s bags out there that will be happy to hold my current read. Sometimes I have two books on the go, which means I need an even bigger bag. Travel bags in particular, have to be big enough to hold a book or two, there’s no compromise on that. 


Glasses, if you’re like me and blind as a bat 

I can barely read without my glasses. It’s otherwise a lot of squinting and re-reading until I understand what’s going on. The glasses I wear most, are the ones featured in this post, but that’s one pair of many. If you’re a wearer like me, you know you need a pair for the house, for the bag, for the car, for the office and then a spare just in case. I wear them mostly for reading, but it’s nice to have a pair I really love and look forward to wearing. 

10 Essential Reading Accessories for Every Bookworm | Anika May | anikamay.co.uk

The perfect journal to record your completed reads 

Journalling is a new hobby of mine and it’s quickly becoming a favourite. There’s officially a Pinterest board for it, I’m hooked. I love being able to record different aspects of life and be creative with it, very similar to blogging. I also use my journal to record the books I want to read, have read, and didn’t finish. Sometimes I make notes on books I like, to make sure I don’t forget the best bits for the review at the end. Bullet journalling is the most enjoyable way to do this, I’m not that good, but I’m getting there. 


Something personalised, because it’s a nice touch 

I love anything personalised, especially when it’s in gift form. It really makes you feel like someone thought about you, your likes and dislikes, and bought something based on how well they know you. Personalised gifts are really easy to get online, there’s big sites like Etsy and notonthehighstreet.com, but also smaller and local sellers that create beautiful handmade goods. One of my friends bought me a personalised pillow case that reads: “Reading is always a good idea” and it always makes me smile. There are so many things out there that can be personalised I’d never even thought of before – the possibilities are endless!


Your next favourite mug

I have a mug problem. We may all have one. I don’t think there’s ever been a point in time where I have entered a TK Maxx and left without looking through the notebooks and the mugs. They’re inexpensive and simple but make me so happy. My kitchen cupboard is the hub for most of my favourite mugs, and there’s one special one that have the privilege of living in my room. Something about drinking [Yorkshire] tea from a mug I love just lifts the mood. Pretty much every bookworm loves a warm drink, so they’ll love a nice mug too. 


Do you have any reading essentials?