About Anika

Cherishing Alone Time | Lifestyle Post by Anika May | anikamay.co.uk

Hiya! I’m Anika (pronounced ah-nee-kah), the Yorkshire-based gal behind this blog. I’m a 20-something writer and photographer with a slight addiction to buying books even though I still have plenty to read at home. 

I created this blog as part of a university application project and really fell in love with creating content online. It’s become my own little corner of the internet, and I get to share it with the world. The kind of things you’ll find on this blog are think pieces, life adventures, fun travels, book reviews, ramblings and photo galleries. Sometimes I’m in a really bad mood and just want to talk about how I’m in a really bad mood. Sometimes I go for a walk and take 600 pictures, so I decide to upload them all onto this blog. It’s really a hot mess, but it’s a hot mess with my name on it. 

My hobbies include: reading, book shopping, writing, photographing, TV-watching and drinking (Yorkshire) tea. I try to live a pretty simple life, appreciate the small moments, and focus on positivity, so you’ll find a motivational quote or two every few posts. Think of this blog as a hub of happiness. 

When I started Anika May, I thought it would just be a summer project and I’d forget about it. In fact, blogging has become one of those hobbies that I’m obsessed with. I love every minute of the process, and learning new skills along the way.

That’s it really. Thanks for stopping by. 

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