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Hi there, I’m Anika (pronounced ah-nee-kah) I’m the gal behind this blog. I’m a 21 year-old who used to have dreams of being a fashion magazine editor. I created this blog as part of a university application (I never wanted to go, but my teachers made me apply) and really fell in love with creating content online

As my own little corner of the internet, I love to share the things that make me happy, and keep me positive. Experiences can be some of the best learning curves, so I blog about those too. I also have family on the other side of the globe, and they’re nosy so they like to see what I get up to.

What do I like? Well, I love to read, draw (even though I can’t) and binge-watch The Office, Friends, Gilmore Girls, any romcom and reality trash TV. As I’m trying to improve my photography skills, I’m sure I’ll share a gallery or two online.

Despite no longer wanting to be a big city girl like before, I still like to share my outfits online because… well, it’s fun. I have a pretty simple style, live for being cosy and spend 60% of my time building an imaginary wardrobe, home and everything inbetween on Pinterest. Drinking tea obv.

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