About Anika

Hi there, I’m Anika (pronounced ah-nee-kah) and I’m the creator behind this blog. I’m a 21 year-old who fell into the world of blogging through my love and obsession with magazines and journalism. At the moment, I work part-time, blog part-time; but I’m dreaming of a time when I can turn this little hobby into my everlasting career.

I began originally posting my outfits on a daily basis, but as I’ve gotten used to the whole blogger lifestyle, I have realised there’s so much more I want to write about.

Anika May is a blog that spreads good vibes, fun and light. I believe in being yourself, having faith and staying strong. As my own little corner of the internet, I love to share the things that make me happy, and keep me positive. Experiences can be some of the best learning curves, so I blog about those too. 

What do I like? Well, I love to read, draw (even though I can’t) and binge-watch Gilmore Girls. Photography has always been a great love of mine, so that’s something you’ll see on this blog quite a bit too. When I was younger, my mind was set on being the Editor in Chief of Cosmo. And even though my goals have changed, my love for the industry hasn’t. Plus the idea of being a total girlboss seems awesome to me.

I’m a total Yorkshire girl. I only drink Yorkshire Tea (obviously) and love spending time walking on the scenic moors or trying to improve my photography skills in the magical woods. I live in a countryside village so there’ll be plenty of photos around my local area – enjoy! 

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