About Anika

Cherishing Alone Time | Lifestyle Post by Anika May | anikamay.co.uk

Hi there, I’m Anika (pronounced ah-nee-kah) I’m the gal behind this blog. I’m a 22-year-old who grew up with the dream of working in the fashion industry. I created this blog as part of a university application project (I never wanted to go, but my teachers made me apply) and really fell in love with creating content online. As my own little corner of the internet, I love to share the things that make me happy, and keep me positive. I enjoy sharing my style and working on my writings skills.

As for my everyday job, I’m a marketing assistant and budding sewing extraordinaire. My mum’s a designer so she’s helping me to learn the basics when it comes to pattern cutting, fashion design and everything in between. I’m also a freelance writer!

I love to read, draw (even though I can’t) and binge-watch The Office, Friends, Gilmore Girls, any cheesy romcom and reality trash TV. I also really like fashion and design – I have since being a little girl. I remember carrying a portfolio of my outfit designs (and Stardoll screenshots) everywhere I went, just hoping I’d bump into Anna Wintour in the streets of Yorkshire and she’d offer me a prime position in the industry.

When I started Anika May, I thought it would just be a summer project and I’d forget about it. In fact, blogging has become one of those hobbies that I’m obsessed with. I love every minute of the process, and learning new skills along the way.


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