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Fashion and lifestyle blogger, based in the UK.

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It’s Time to Inspire Myself

It’s really important for me, and my mental health, that I avoid comparisons that create a negative space in my mind. It’s an easy thing to fall into, we live in a world of highlight reels and Photoshop, it’s like…


She Was a Sk8r Girl

I feel like almost everyone went through an Avril Lavigne stage… or something similar. I don’t want to call it a Goth or emo phase because I never went to one or the other – I was just focused on…


Creating Time as a Blogger

Life as a blogger is busy. That’s an understatement. Its non-stop and never-ending, a fun kind of chaos. Despite loving organisation and planning, keeping track of time is one of my biggest struggles. Sometimes I blink and an hour passes.…

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Positive Life Changes

We all need some positivity from time to time. One of the best ways of doing so is by evaluating your life, and looking where you can make some positive changes. If you just take five minutes to think about…


My Favourite Spotify Playlists

I love discovering new music. The more the better. I listen to music for majority of the day, I can’t really do much without it, and have a specific playlist for everything I do. Maybe I’m excited for the summer…


Appreciating the Basics

I always say that I live a pretty simple life. I like to keep my mind clear and my anxiety low, and that gives me time to appreciate the things that I often forget about. The basics in life, and…


Here Comes February | Wishlist

I know I’m not the only person wondering when January is going to end. My Twitter timeline is full of tweets asking exactly why this month is taking so long. I think it’s because we all got so crazy excited…


Six Things I Strive for Other Than Money

Money makes the world go ‘round. It has become the centre of all things and the focus of most lives. We obviously need money to survive, and it’s important to earn a living, but there are so many other things…


Sick Day Essentials | Wishlist

So it’s Saturday morning, I’m waking up with yet another sore throat, a pounding head and my ears ringing. Most would assume a hangover, maybe from a wild Friday Night Out – something most 21-year-olds would have endured. Nope, I’m…