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I’m a total countryside girl. Even though I think I’d love to live in a big city, every time I visit one, I miss the country. SHOP THE LOOK

Oh Hey USA

I feel like I’m constantly talking about TK Maxx on this blog. It’s one of those stores that I just can’t get enough of.     SHOP THE LOOK       OVERSIZED FAVOURITES  

welcome to my blog

I'm Anika, I live in Yorkshire, and I could always use a good cuppa. I blog about everyday life and street style. You can find me on Instagram at @itsanikamay!
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Princess Vibes

Here are three great things that happened to me recently: I reached 900 followers on Instagram. YAY. I booked a fun weekend away with my best friends. ELVI sent me the dress I’m wearing in today’s post and I’m feeling…


Next Press Day | Autumn/Winter 2018

              What’s your favourite clothing/homeware item on display?

Is It Summer Yet? | Wishlist

One thing I can always say with confidence, is that I’m not the only one praying for some sun. We’re one week into May and I’m expecting double figures every day and no more grey clouds. Winter lasted 300 years…


Grey on Grey on Grey

Let’s start this post off with a question: how do you feel about grey? I have a love-hate relationship with the colour. For example, if there’s a bunch of cards laid out on a table (they’re all different colours) and…

Why Puffer Jackets Are My Favourite Spring Buy

My favourite thing about fashion has always been that we have the ability to experiment with our style. Every human has different tastes, likes and dislikes and senses of styles. I’m so grateful that we’re not a bunch of robots…

How I Style Double Denim

Double denim is one of those trends that people tend to have a love-hate relationship with. There are style divas out there that absolutely adore the duo, and fashion babes that hate it with a passion. I happen to be…


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The Forever Coat

Happy April! Let’s try and pretend the weather is on our side and we’re not sitting indoors desperately waiting for the tiniest bit of sun. I’ve decided to embrace the best spring can offer, and it’s that’s rain and the…

Just Bee Nice

Most of the time, when I see a sponsored advertisement on Instagram, I just tend to scroll past because they usually don’t interest me. Of course, if there’s a blogger sharing an AD I’m straight in there with my likes…

Grandma’s Bag

In 2017, I published a blog post entitled Grandma’s Jacket, in which I styled my Grandma’s old summer jacket with a casual, everyday outfit and wrote all about it. I still have the jacket and wear it as much as…