Take Time to Recharge

Life is busy. I feel like I start every post with this sentence, because each week the phrase gets closer and closer to true. Sometimes, it’s more like a juggling act and I’m waiting for something to fall.    …

Capturing Summer Memories

  Looking back on old photos and memories is one of my favourite things to do.       PS: if there’s anyone out there that has a rose gold phone like me, the pink and gold CaseApp case matches…

welcome to my blog

I'm Anika, I live in Yorkshire, and I could always use a good cuppa. I blog about everyday life and street style. You can find me on Instagram at @itsanikamay!
Take a look around - happy reading!
Contact: hello@anikamay.co.uk


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How to Get Your Creative Mojo Back

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The Happy List

Here are 25 things that make me happy: The fact that dogs are always happy to see you and get excited over absolutely nothing. Spring vibes and tiny lambs jumping around an enormous field of grass. Weekly dance parties with…

Using Social Media For the Positive

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5 Reasons You Need the LIKEtoKNOW.it App

Have you ever used the LIKEtoKNOW.it app?

3 Things That Prove I Don’t Have My Life Together

I was watching one of my favourite episodes of Friends, The One With George Stephanopoulos which is the fourth episode of the first season. I’ve started to become obsessed with the early seasons of Friends, not only because they’re hilarious,…

How I Juggle Work and Blogging

Life is a constant juggle. We have to keep on top of so many things, I don’t know how we keep it together sometimes. If it’s not one thing, it’s another and from time to time, it can feel like…


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How an Afternoon in the Sun Brightened My Weekend

The sun is a magical, magical thing. Yesterday I decided to grab my little sister, throw a blanket in the back garden and enjoy the sunshine. If you follow me on Instagram, you probably spotted a couple of snaps on…

5 Reasons to Subscribe to Blogosphere Magazine

Blogosphere Magazine is a publication for bloggers, by bloggers. It’s a magazine that is full of inspiration, tips and tricks and interviews from established and newbie bloggers, with exceptional journalism and amazing photography. It’s something I think all bloggers should…

The Perfect Weekend in Paris

I tend to daydream a lot. I think it comes from having an over-active imagination and observing so much as a child, I just have this habit of building imaginary worlds and scenarios in my head. This can range from…