Next Press Day | Autumn/Winter 2018

              What’s your favourite clothing/homeware item on display?

3 Awesome Holiday Ideas For Vista Vultures

For some people, the idea of venturing into some sort of man-made holiday complex completely walled in and isolated from the outside world is actually heaven. For others, it sounds like hell on Earth. Sure, you might be floating on…

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welcome to my blog

I'm Anika, I live in Yorkshire, and I could always use a good cuppa. I blog about everyday life and street style. You can find me on Instagram at @itsanikamay!
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The Perfect Weekend in Paris

I tend to daydream a lot. I think it comes from having an over-active imagination and observing so much as a child, I just have this habit of building imaginary worlds and scenarios in my head. This can range from…

Luxury in London

London is one of those places that you want to travel to again and gain, simply because the capital has so much to offer. Every time you visit London, you can have a different experience – that’s the beauty of…

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California Dreaming

My Great Adventures board on Pinterest is ever-growing. From remarkable landscapes to gigantic cities, travel images always inspire me to get out and see the world. I could sit and simply type out a list of places I’d love to…


Exploring in Floral

Going for walks has got to be one of my favourite things to do. It’s a very basic activity, you don’t need much, but the benefits are always positive. Whenever I’m in a bad mood, not feeling well, or want…

Into The Woods | Gallery

One of my favourite things about living in Yorkshire is the scenery that’s simply footsteps away. It’s one of the main reasons I won’t move to London, I need these kind of views every day. I live in a tiny…

My Top Travel Destinations

                                                              Technically, we’re nowhere near the end of the year…


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Next Spring 2017 Press Day

                                                              The lovely people at Next invited me down to…

Next’s #ProjectTaxi Blogger Event

On Thursday 29 September, I travelled from Leeds Train Station all the way to King’s Cross in London to attend an event the lovely girls at Next invited me to. I’ve been to a few events with Next, but as…

Here Comes the Sun

During the bank holiday Monday in the UK, we experienced something incredibly rare: good weather. I certainly wasn’t expecting anything too amazing, especially for the North – but it was actually sunny all day! I’m still in shock. As the…